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Storing your Personalized Ornaments: Ornament Storage Boxes

Triplet Penguins in Stocking Personalized Christmas Ornament

Crafty Holiday Storage Solution

Ornament storage boxes:
Martha Stewart Living recommends each ornament be stored in it’s original box before putting away until next Christmas. If the original box is not longer available, wrap each ornament in acid-free paper, and carefully place it in a cardboard box with cardboard dividers to protect each ornament. The cardboard dividers give the box strength too – to keep it from being crushed in storage thus damaging your wonderful ornaments.

Martha recommends labeling each box with the inventory of what’s inside!

In our family, we made our own Christmas ornament storage boxes using our favorite gift wrap paper glued to the sides of the cardboard box. We decorated the outside of each box with cut out portions of our favorite Christmas cards – making a collage of Christmas memories. My 87-year-old mother has given me these boxes now, and it’s amazing to remember the many years we decorated a tree together.

Here are some ornaments that might be nice for a collection for the children in your family, We recommend keeping that collection for each child in it’s own box. If you have dough ornaments, be sure and keep them in an airtight, Tupperware type container. Label each container with the child’s name so that next year the child can anticipate unpacking his or her own special collection.