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Starting a Collection of Personalized Ornaments Part 1

Pajamas Family of Four

Christmas is a holiday of family traditions – That’s one of the things that makes it so special. We decorate our homes a certain way, have wonderful meals with special dishes that we loved as children, attend midnight church services, open Christmas stockings and exchange gifts with each other! And, as you all know, the holiday season can become very very hectic – trying to get everything done on time and meet everyone’s expectations.

Personalized Ornament Collection

This is especially true in our family as 36 years ago we started a Christmas ornament business – and believe me, we work non stop right up until Christmas Eve.
You can read about our business at To simplify our lives at Christmas time we started ornament collections for all of our children, nieces, nephews, and now their children by giving them a personalized ornament each Christmas following birth. Of course, now we’re giving out engaged, wedding, and expecting ornaments – as well as starting second generation baby collections. shows some of our cutest wedding ornaments!

We have baby ornaments for boys, girls, twins, and triplets. And, we even have ornaments for expecting a couple.

Always remember to make a personalized ornament with a name, a phrase (Baby’s First Christmas) and the year. Some baby ornaments have room to personalize the ornament with the baby’s day of birth, weight, and length! When you find an ornament at you can personalize the ornament any way you want!