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The Best Personalized Ornaments to Celebrate 2021 Weddings

unique gifts personalized for 2021 weddings, engagements, and anniversaries

Celebrate 2021 Weddings with Unique Gifts Personalized by Calliope Designs

For many couples who had to postpone all of their wedding plans last year, the big day couldn’t come soon enough. Finding unique and romantic ways to celebrate engagements or anniversaries was also a challenge for many people in 2020. So that means every celebration of love this year is an extra-special occasion! If you are looking for a sentimental token of love for someone special, a personalized gift is sure to be one they will cherish for years to come. 

At Calliope Designs, we have a large selection of customizable ornaments to commemorate 2021 weddings, engagements, and anniversaries! All of our ornaments are beautifully handmade and can be personalized with meaningful phrases, special dates, and names.

Read on to discover some of our most popular personalized wedding ornaments and find the perfect gift to celebrate love this year!

Custom Wedding Ornaments for The Bride and Groom

Wedding celebrations are all about commemorating unconditional love. Our selection of personalized wedding ornaments are meaningful gift ideas for all lucky newlyweds this year. We have a large variety of bride and groom, bride and bride, and groom and groom designs that you can customize with names, the date, and even a special message. 

A custom wedding ornament is a unique gift for friends or family who recently tied the knot, or the perfect start to your new ornament collection as a married couple!

Personalized Wedding Anniversary Ornaments for Couples

At Calliope Designs, we want to help you celebrate your “Happily Ever After” for years to come with a sentimental memento personalized for your anniversary. Our customizable Wedding Anniversary ornaments make the perfect keepsake for newlyweds and couples who have been married for years! Commemorate your big day or the nuptials of close friends or family with a personalized gift shipped directly to their door.

Custom ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Proposal Ornaments

If you are looking for a truly unique way to pop the big question this year, check out our selection of customizable proposal ornaments from Calliope Designs! Our unique gifts are sure to surprise your special someone and will be the perfect souvenir of the day you proposed. Add a sweet message, your names, and the date to commemorate this exciting day for years to come.

Unique Engagement Announcement Ornaments

Our sentimental ornaments from Calliope Designs are unique gifts for the couple about to say “I Do!”. Our engagement ornaments can be personalized with the happy couple’s names and the year so they can commemorate this exciting time together year after year. All of our engagement designs can also make unique “Save the Date” announcements to give to guests!

Personalized Honeymoon Ornaments for Newlyweds

If you know a couple who loves to travel, chances are they already have everything they need for their honeymoon. For newlyweds that already have everything, our personalized honeymoon ornaments are the perfect gift to commemorate their first travel experience as a married couple!  

If you and your spouse had to postpone your travel plans last year, a personalized 2021 vacation ornament will be an extra special way to commemorate your trip this year — and well deserved!

Celebrate 2021 Weddings With Unique Gifts and Convenient Delivery from Calliope Designs

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At Calliope Designs, we have been celebrating love and matrimony with unique gifts for over 45 years and we want to help you celebrate all of life’s special occasions with personalized gifts. 

If you are looking for a sentimental gift for an engagement, anniversary, or wedding in 2021, explore our entire selection of unique personalized ornaments!

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Personalized Valentine’s Day Ornaments for Everyone You Love

personalized Valentine’s Day gifts

Have Personalized Valentine’s Day Ornaments Delivered to Your Loved Ones

Boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers are nice, but they are also a little played out at this point. This year, skip the cliche and give your special someone a Valentine’s Day gift that is a little more personal. At Calliope Designs, we are playing Cupid with customized gifts that are sure to win the heart of your special valentine. 

 All of our ornaments are handmade with care and can be personalized with meaningful messages, dates, and names. So if you’re looking for a special gift for her or a unique present for him, a personalized Valentine’s Day ornament is a perfect way to show your love. 

Take a peek below at some of our most popular personalized Valentine’s Day gifts and send your sweetheart something extra special this year!

1. Cheers to Love with a Personalized Valentine’s Day Ornament

Wondering what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day? In our experience, the more personalized the gift, the better! Whether you’ve been married for 20 years, or are celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together, a personalized couple’s ornament is sure to be a romantic gesture they will cherish for years to come!

Add your names and a special date to show your partner how thankful you are to get to celebrate this Valentine’s Day together.

2. Celebrate a Valentine’s Day Proposal with a Personalized Ornament

Love is in the air, so it’s no surprise that many couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for a unique way to pop the question this year, check out our selection of personalized proposal ornaments

Our customizable engagement ornaments are sweet tokens of your love and a special way to commemorate the Valentine’s Day you proposed. Add a romantic message, your names, and the year so you can celebrate this significant day for years to come.

3. Personalized Valentine’s Day Ornaments for Expecting Parents

There is no better time to spoil your loved one than on Valentine’s Day! But if you have a baby on the way, you’re probably going to want an extra special gift for your partner this year. Our collection of personalized pregnancy ornaments are perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for soon-to-be parents and a meaningful way to celebrate this exciting time for expecting couples!

4. Personalize a Same-Sex Wedding Ornament for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating unconditional love. Our selection of personalized same-sex wedding ornaments are perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for LGBT couples. We have a large variety of bride and bride ornaments, as well as groom and groom designs that you can customize with names and a wedding anniversary date!

5. Commemorate a Wedding Anniversary this Valentine’s Day with a Personalized Ornament

Show your forever valentine how much you love them with a Valentine’s gift personalized just for them. Our customizable Wedding Anniversary ornaments are perfect for newlyweds and couples who have been married for years. Relive the day you said “I Do!” this Valentine’s Day and many more to come with this romantic keepsake from Calliope Designs.

Celebrate Love Near and Far this Valentine’s Day with Personalized Ornaments from Calliope Designs

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At Calliope Designs, we have been celebrating love with handmade gifts for over 45 years. Make this holiday extra special with a personalized gift that is as unique as your valentine. All of our ornaments can be gift wrapped and shipped directly to your special someone!

If you are looking for a sentimental gift for a loved one this Valentine’s Day, check out our entire selection of personalized ornaments and explore all of our unique designs!

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5 Reasons Custom Ornaments Make Good Gifts Any Time of Year!

Calliope Design’s Ultimate Custom Ornament Year-Round Gift Guide

Calliope Design’s Ultimate Custom Ornament Year-Round Gift Guide

While Calliope Design’s ornaments do make the perfect stocking stuffers, we have hundreds of customizable designs that make great gifts at any time of the year!

This year-round gift guide is chock full of popular custom gift ideas for any special occasion. Read on to discover five of our most popular personalized ornaments that are great at any time of year!

1. Create a Custom Birthday Gift for Any Age

Another year older and another reason to celebrate! No one is ever too old to receive a custom birthday present! With hundreds of customizable hobby and career ornaments to choose from, our handmade ornaments can make a special birthday gift for anyone.

Personalized 21st Birthday Ornament 

For many young adults, turning 21 is a big event and one that definitely deserves a special gift! A handmade gift from Calliope Designs is a unique way to commemorate this milestone. Customize our 21st Birthday ornament with their name and their birthdate to make this gift even more personal. 

2. Celebrate an Anniversary with a Custom Gift

Every anniversary is an event that should be celebrated! At Calliope Designs, we want to help you celebrate your love, year after year, with a unique and personalized ornamental gift. Surprise your loved one with a personalized ornament commemorating the day you met, your first date, or your wedding day!

Custom Bride & Groom Ornament

Customize a Wedding Anniversary ornament to feature the two of you on your special day. Our artist will hand paint your name and year of marriage to personalize this unique gift for the happy bride and groom. Don’t forget to include a meaningful message of your choosing!

3. Commemorate Milestones with a Personalized Ornament

From first steps to college graduation, and even job promotions, Calliope Designs has a gift to help you celebrate all of life’s milestones. What better way to reflect on all of the truly meaningful moments in our lives than by celebrating them with a personalized gift? A personalized ornament from Calliope Designs is a great way to commemorate special occasions with your friends and family, near and far.

Personalized Drivers License Ornament  

Wasn’t it just yesterday they were taking their first steps? Finally getting a driver’s license is an iconic moment in any teenager’s life. Commemorate this huge milestone with our Personalized Drivers License ornament from Calliope Designs.

4. Send a Special “Thank You” with a Customized Ornament

There is no better time than now to show a little extra appreciation for the people that support and help us. If you are looking for a unique way to show your thanks, a handmade gift from Calliope Designs is a fun gesture of your gratitude!

Customized Gift for Your Mail Carrier 

If there is one person you can rely on, it is your mail carrier! But did you know they aren’t allowed to accept gifts over $20? No need to worry though! You can thank your trusty mail deliverer for their daily hard work with an affordable custom Mail Carrier ornament from Calliope Designs. Remind them how much you appreciate their service day after day with a handmade gift.

5. Turn a Fun Memory into a Custom Ornament

Quality time spent with the people that mean the most is always something worth celebrating. If you are looking for a unique way to commemorate a special trip or fun memory, Calliope Designs is here to help. Let the good times roll, and remember them for years to come with a custom ornament!

Personalized Beach Trip Ornament 

Calliope Designs has many options to help your friends and family commemorate a beach get-away. Turn your day of fun in the sun into a custom Beach Trip ornament from Calliope Designs!

Create Custom Gifts for Any Occasion with Calliope Designs

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Celebrating life’s everyday milestones and fun memories is what we do best at Calliope Designs. With over 1,300 customizable ornaments to choose from, we are confident you will find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Shop our custom gifts online year-round and see why we have been a long-lived family tradition for over 44 years!

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Personalized Wedding Ornaments From Calliope Designs

personalized ornaments for weddings and anniversaries

Celebrate Love With A Personalized Wedding or Anniversary Ornament

Weddings and anniversaries are the celebrations of unconditional love. Calliope Designs wants to help you celebrate this love year after year with a unique and personalized ornamental gift. Read on to learn more about our most popular personalizable couple ornaments, perfect for wedding gifts, favors, or commemorative anniversary presents!

Personalized Wedding Gifts for Couples

Calliope Designs has many hand-personalized couple ornaments to choose from. Each one can be customized with the year, names of the newlyweds, and, in some cases, a friendly message.

Personalized Wedding Ornament for Couples Who Love Cars

personalized wedding ornament

Our wedding car design is a favorite amongst vintage car fans. This personalized ornament can feature any two names, a year, and a custom phrase such as “Happily Ever After” or “Just Married.”  Personalize it even further with specific hair colors to match the newlyweds!

Personalized Ornaments For Couples With Dogs

personalized wedding ornament

Many couples want their entire family there on the big day…but don’t forget about their furry friends! It is becoming more and more popular for the family dog to participate in weddings, so it makes sense to include them in the wedding gift! Customize this ornament to feature the happy couple’s names and — of course — the name of their favorite furry friend!

A Personalized Wedding Ornament for Same-Sex Couples

personalized wedding ornament

If you are looking for a unique, custom wedding gift for a same-sex couple, Calliope Designs has you covered! You can choose from a large variety of bride and bride ornaments, or groom and groom designs. Each one can be personalized even further with the couple’s names and wedding date.

A Personalized Anniversary Ornament for Couples

Every anniversary is another year to be celebrated! Surprise your spouse with a personalized ornament commemorating a memory of your wedding day!

Personalized Wedding Anniversary Ornament

personalized anniversary ornament

Customize a Wedding Anniversary ornament to feature a likeness of the two of you on your wedding day. Include your name & year of marriage, and wish them a “Happy Anniversary” or include a different message of your choosing!

Personalized Bride and Groom Anniversary Gift

personalized anniversary ornament

Our customizable Bride and Groom ornament is our best selling wedding anniversary gift. This handmade ornament can feature your family name or individual names, as well as the date of the wedding on a beautiful heart that is held by the bride and groom.

Unique Personalized Ornaments as Wedding Favors

If you are looking for unique decor to feature on your guests’ tables, consider using personalized wedding favors from Calliope Designs! These are great favors for wedding attendees, or use them as a special “thank you” favor for groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Customized Wedding Bell Ornament

personalized wedding favor ornaments

Our Wedding Bell ornament will remind your wedding guests how thankful you are for their support on your wedding day. Celebrate the big event by adding the date, your names, and a special phrase of your choosing!

Personalized Wedding Favors to Match Your Theme

personalized wedding favor ornaments

Calliope Designs has a large variety of personalizable ornaments that could go perfectly with most wedding themes. If your wedding has a nautical or beach theme, our Kissing Fish ornament could be the perfect wedding favor for your guests! Add a custom phrase to commemorate your wedding theme for years to come.

Celebrate Love With Personalized Gifts From Calliope Designs

click here to personalize a gift from Calliope Designs today

At Calliope Designs, we have been trusted for over 45 years to help people celebrate love with unique personalized wedding gifts, favors, and anniversary presents. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, or would like to personalize a wedding ornament for yourself, head over to our selection of couple ornaments to check out all our options! We are sure you will find one that will help you commemorate your big day for years to come.

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An Anniversary is coming!

Couple's Anniversary Heart Personalized Ornament

Celebrate your wedding every year with a personalized Anniversary Christmas ornament. You can order our clay dough ornaments inscribed to mark your most important wedded milestones! Every married year is special, and an ornament is a wonderful and easy way to celebrate your marriage at the holidays. Of course, there are certain ones we tend to celebrate as hallmarks and milestones, so celebrate your fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth anniversaries and beyond with a special anniversary ornament! Pick your own special years and have an ornament inscribed with a loving message and the special number of years you have been together. Think of your parents and grandparents as they reach their 25th and 50th anniversaries! Personalize the ornament gift with their names and their wedding date! This gift is especially thoughtful and will be cherished each year as it is hung on the Christmas tree.

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Celebrate Engagement with Personalized Ornament

Just engaged Personalized christmas Ornament

Author Adie Brown writes about Engagement ornaments and what a perfect gift they make.

Make Your Engagement Moment Extra Special this Holiday

When you find out someone in your life is engaged, you want to be sure you get them a gift that really means something special to them and their special someone. Although personalized Christmas ornaments are perfect for autumn and winter engagements, they will also make a hit year round. Imagine the joy on your loved ones face when they open your gift to see a wonderfully personalized ornament. You can have the personalized ornaments give a special message you want which brightens the happy couples day even more.

Personalized Christmas ornaments come in many styles so you can choose the one that would make the perfect personalized ornament for the couple you are purchasing it for. Christmas tree ornaments can also be used throughout the year. Some people choose to display them in their home no matter what month it is. The message you decide to put on the personalized Christmas ornaments will be up to you, but you will want to make sure it’s a message that will continue to make the newly engaged couple smile for many years to come. Since you know the couple well, you should be able to come up with just the right message to make their day.
The thing a lot of people like about getting personalized ornaments are they show the giver actually put a lot of thought into them. Personalized Christmas ornaments take some consideration and plenty of thought. It’s not always easy to come up with just the right thing to say about a couple. Many people are used to buying a gift for a couple with a summer or fall engagement, but it’s not so common to buy a gift for autumn and winter engagements. By going with a personalized ornament the buyer is using the season in order to make their gift not only special but also practical.
Many other people buying for the newly engaged couple will be giving them the more usual and common gifts. While these gifts may also be held close to the heart of the couple, your personalized ornament will steal the show. Not many people think of giving such a unique and creative gift. It will be obvious that you put some thought into not only choosing this type of gift but on deciding what went on it as well.

There are many occasions in which a personalized engagement ornament would be a good idea; an engagement is definitely one of those occasions. This is due to the fact that an engagement is a once in a lifetime event the couple will want to look back on and remember forever. If you are ready to get a great gift that will bring years of pleasure to a newly engaged couple, you really don’t need to look any further. When you visit over the Christmas holiday, you will see the personalized Christmas ornament you gave them displayed and this will be all of the thanks you need.

At Calliope Designs we say – Celebrate an engagement! Our engaged personalized clay dough ornaments are a unique way to celebrate the holiday for a happily engaged couple. Create an individually handcrafted and custom personalized ornament for the Engaged couple. This engagement ornament will be the beginning of their family’s personalized and dated Christmas ornament collection. They can follow it up with a fun wedding ornament and then happy anniversary ornaments each year! Our engagement ornaments are a great gift idea for a wedding shower, or for a holiday gift for the happy couple. Commemorate this important event in the formation of a new couple and a happy family with an ornament from

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Christmas Bridal Shower Ideas and Ornament Gifts

Bride (Brunette) and Groom Just Married Personalized Christmas Ornament

Do you remember the first Christmas after you were married? How many Christmas ornaments did you have? How big was your tree? Most couples start out their married life with the necessities they need – wedding gifts, some hand me downs, and fill-ins from local department stores and garage sales! But not all couples have Christmas ornaments to decorate their first tree together. And one of our most popular selling items is actually a personalized ornament with the words, “Our First Christmas as Mr. and Mrs.” inscribed with the year and the bride and groom’s names as well.

Celebrate Your Moment with Custom Ornaments

We think a great solution to this is a Christmas themed Bridal shower. This is a shower that would be most fun with both men and women as guests, friends of the couple to be married. It could be held in the evening and if during the winter, close to Christmas, Christmas punch could be served, fruitcakes, Christmas theme cookies, and the like. Each guest could bring a special Christmas ornament, and if it was convenient there could even be a tree to decorate as the bride and groom open their ornament gifts. Little hang tags could be attached to each ornament gift to write the gift giver’s name on it and the date. Every year those ornaments will be appreciated. At we believe a Christmas ornament is one of the best ways to commemorate the wonderful memory of the Bride and Groom’s pre-wedding festivities, or their Wedding Day. By having a special personalized ornament made just for them, they can look back and recapture their happy day! “Our First Christmas” personalized clay dough ornaments celebrate the beginning of their married life together, and the beginning off of their family’s personalized Christmas ornament collection. Our unique Christmas ornaments last a lifetime and what could be better than to incorporate happy wedding memories into Christmas each year? As mentioned before, personalized Christmas ornament makes a great shower gift. Many brides have also adapted our wedding Christmas ornaments into mementos for the wedding party and our wonderful Wedding Day, design your own ornament of a wedding cake, is a perfect gift for mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, because it has everything personalized on it – the bride and groom’s names, all of the attendants on both sides, the date of the wedding, the place, and a message. How wonderful is that! It’s a sweet way to say “remember our special day”. A personalized ornament also makes a great package tie.

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A Christmas Engagement? Some creative approaches!

Santa's Personalized Engagement christmas ornaments

It’s that time of year when everyone gets close to those they love. They remember what they are thankful for and think about what they want to hold on for the future. Christmas engagements are very common and in fact, most engagements actually happen around the holidays!

Some guys are clueless when it comes to proposing on Christmas, or thinking of Christmas engagement ideas. Here are a few ideas to either give you the picture perfect holiday engagement or to spark your creativity to say “Merry Christmas” in the most surprising way!

Christmas Engagement Ideas- with Ornaments Too!

Make the Ring the Ornament

A cute way to propose at Christmas is to hang the ring on the Christmas tree – like an ornament! Have the ring be the ONLY ornament on the tree when she walks in…or, hang the ring box with ribbon on the tree and point out the “interesting” new ornament. She won’t know what to think!

Visit Santa Claus

No, seriously. Go to the mall and visit Santa Claus. This could be the making of the perfect Christmas engagement! Tell her you know what she wants for Christmas…then BOOM. Drop down on one knee in front of everyone. She will have to say that Santa knew what she wanted! (Cheesy, but true!)

The Magic of Mistletoe

Everyone knows that the Christmas tradition is to kiss under the mistletoe…so why not take it a step further? Give her a quick smooch then pop the question right there – propose under the Christmas mistletoe! It is a romantic, personal, and intimate way to share the moment together.

The Bottom of the Stocking

This Christmas engagement proposal idea is pretty easy to figure out. Hide the ring box at the very bottom of her Christmas stocking. When she goes through all the candy and little things along the way, the best present yet will be waiting at the bottom – an engagement ring!

The Stroke of Midnight

Another interesting Christmas proposal idea is to ask the question when the clock strikes midnight – that moment between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. You can bring in the holiday the very second it begins with your surprise Christmas engagement.

With the Family Gathered ‘Round

This Christmas engagement idea is one that you can only do if you are comfortable and on good terms with the family! If you both are super close to your families, try popping the question of marriage when the family is together to celebrate the holiday. Then everyone can celebrate together when she says, “Yes!”.

Christmas Abroad

Many people travel for the Christmas holiday. Try taking a trip to an exotic location, somewhere you both love. Whether it be the heart of Europe or the coast of Costa Rica, a creative way to propose at Christmas is to ask her when you are somewhere completely new – an adventure you are both on together! The best part will be coming back home to share the happy news.

A Romantic Evening Out

Maybe a romantic date for the two of you is a way you might be more comfortable with when proposing at Christmas. Try planning a lovey dovey romantic date night out. A carriage ride downtown, looking at the Christmas lights in the snow, dinner at a fancy restaurant under candlelight, or a home cooked meal at home with Christmas music playing in the background offer the perfect Christmas engagement setting.

Personalize It! (The Ornament, that is) has special ornaments that can be personalized with your two names, and Will You Marry Me? on the ornament.   Try putting those 4 words on a Christmas ornament!  Leave it on the tree and lead her to it. You won’t even have to talk! The ornament will speak for itself.  Or have the ornament specially gift wrapped, and put it under the tree.

Christmas Photo Album

A creative way to propose, and a perfect gift in itself, is a customized photo album with photos of the two of you. Websites like Shutterfly can create amazing Christmas photo albums that you can give to her as a gift. Make the last picture in the album a photo of the ring. Then ask away.

Ask In Bed

This is probably the most intimate way to ask that heart-stopping question. On Christmas morning, stay in bed. Keep things personal and private with each other. Asking her to marry you in bed on Christmas morning might not seem like the most creative way to propose at Christmas, but it will be a moment just the two of you can share in an environment and space the two of you only share.

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December Weddings: Wonderful Wedding Favors

Wedding: Male Blonde, Female Blonde Personalized christmas Ornament

We love everything about the holidays here at Calliope Designs and one of our favorite holiday events are holiday weddings!

The Perfect Gift for a Holiday Wedding Couple

What better time of year to take advantage of then one brightened by tiny Christmas lights, gold and silver decorations and beautiful, deep reds and greens. We became interested in weddings at this time of year because so many brides and mothers of brides came to us to solve their Christmas wedding favor dilemma. Our personalized wedding ornaments became the perfect centerpiece accent, wedding favor and commemorative wedding gift for many holiday brides and we’ve since developed even more perfect Christmas wedding items!

Here are some great tips from Calliope Designs on planning your Christmas wedding and some great holiday gift ideas as well!

Holiday Wedding Scheduling and Planning:
If you decide to be a holiday bride and you know where you want to have your Christmas dream wedding, make sure you book well in advance. Remember that hotels, inns, restaurants and other festive locations will be booked for holiday parties as well, so make sure you secure your Christmas wedding location as soon as possible. If you decide to have a holiday destination wedding, the same planning tips apply – and it will be especially important to give your family and guests the information about your venue, whether you choose a cruise, a ski resort or a cozy Vermont Inn.

Once you book your wedding site make sure you send out your Save the Date cards. Choose a holiday theme and send them out six to eight months in advance since people make Christmas plans very early. By sending out your save the date cards, you’ll make it possible for more people to come and celebrate with you! If you’re having a destination wedding, this is even more important and you may want to include a hotel and other information about the wedding destination to help facilitate the planning of your guests. The same early planning goes for your Christmas wedding invitations – don’t go by the usual four to six weeks prior, send them out a bit further in advance so people can plan.

Christmas Destination Weddings:
Many brides and grooms love to plan a holiday wedding at a specific location that makes the theme so much more festive. When you host a destination wedding you’ll need to plan additional parties, activities and events and Christmas is a wonderful time of year to offer themes and ideas for your events. Imagine your guests enjoying a festive sleigh ride, Christmas caroling, snowshoeing, sledding or skiing, snowball fights, and snowman making. Plan a festive cocktail reception in a fire lit, decorated room with mulled cider, eggnog and wassail!

Don’t forget, when you have a destination wedding it’s always nice to provide your guests with a thematic gift bag on arrival. Include directions and any special instructions related to the wedding and venue, a list of activities and events, restaurant recommendations and maybe even a small token to thank them for their travel, like a personalized holiday ornament related to the destination. Calliope has several festive regional ornaments that could be perfect!

Decorating for Your Holiday Wedding:
When it comes time to decorate for your December weddings, use Christmas colors and decorations that are on hand everywhere, and look online to find the right theme for you. Here are some typical thematic decorating ideas:

Holiday Themes:

    • Angels
    • Snowflakes
    • Snow Globes
    • Colored Glass Balls
    • Clear Glass Balls
    • Simple Traditional Christmas Colors


Color Schemes:

  • Silver and White
  • Silver and Light Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Forest Green and Gold
  • Gold and Cream


  • Sprigs of Holly
  • Poinsettias
  • Spruce
  • Eucalyptus
  • Ivy
  • Deep Red Roses
  • White Roses
  • Lilies
  • Mistletoe Accents
  • Pine Boughs and Garlands


  • Flowers with deep red velvet or burgundy bows
  • Large pillar candles with garlands and flowers
  • Christmas ornament accents, like personalized Christmas Ornaments by Calliope
  • Designs nestled in greenery to add a festive look
  • Candles and Snow globes surrounded by garlands and holly

You can use a traditional wedding cake design, decorated with the same flowers you’ve used in bouquets and centerpieces. Don’t forget to look at our special personalized wedding ornaments and wedding cake toppers to add some creative flair to your cake. You can also choose a cake that has the look of a Christmas gift or a traditional Buche de Noel. Use marzipan to create sugar plums and candy holly berries like the traditional Christmas cakes.

Wedding Gown and Attendant Dresses:
When you are choosing your wedding gown, think about winter white and deep cream because either will work beautifully with the deep reds, greens, blues and purples usually associated with the holidays. Add velvet accents like a long red hooded cape or a deep green velvet sash to your dress, depending on which color scheme and flower colors you choose. If you decide on silver and white, work with a snow and ice theme choosing delicate, sparkly beading. For your attendants, look at dresses of deep red, deep green, deep purple, light or royal blue or metallic colors depending on your choice of color scheme and don’t be afraid to choose a group of colors and have your attendants in different colors. This can often ensure that you choose a color that works with their individual skin tone and it also helps them to feel like individuals.

Wedding Favors:
Choose something really special for your Christmas wedding favors, like a personalized Christmas ornament from Calliope Designs. We have a variety of styles featuring brides and grooms, Santa Claus’ and Angels and they can be personalized with the names of the bride and the groom and the date of the wedding.

Thank You Gifts:
Using personalized wedding ornaments as wedding-related thank you gifts are an especially thoughtful gesture. Choose a theme and personalize ornaments for the wedding party as small mementos for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Be sure and give both sets of parents a special ornament to remember this special day when two families come together. Make sure you also choose a special First Christmas together ornament as well to commemorate your new family in the same theme as your wedding. You can also use holiday ornaments to thank the service providers for your weddings like the caterer, the hostess or wedding planner at the venue, your bridal gown designer and your florist.

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Ornaments for an Engagement, a Wedding, or an Anniversary!

Bride (Brunette) and Groom Just Married Personalized Christmas Ornament

Personalized Ornaments for the Special Occasion

Personalized Engagement Christmas Tree Ornaments
We developed this idea when we noticed many engaged couples looking at our personalized wedding gift ornaments and discussing whether to buy one now or wait until after the wedding next year. We feel being Engaged is a special time, and why not start the Christmas tree ornament collection for their marriage by picking a personalized Engagement ornament.

All of the couple Christmas ornaments can be personalized for an engagement gift. The first names of the bride and groom-to-be can be inscribed. Some of the phrases to be included are:
Just Engaged!, Our Christmas Engaged! Engaged, 2005.

Christmas Tree Ornaments – Personalized Wedding Gifts
A personalized Bride and Groom ornament is a must for all newlyweds. It makes a great Christmas tree ornament gift, a cute shower gift, and a wonderful wedding gift package tie! Some brides are fortunate to have a “Christmas tree ornament shower” and start their first Christmas together with a big collection. A personalized dough ornament will be one of the most treasured.

One of the cutest phrases was suggested by a customer at Gump’s in San Francisco –
They chose a Bear Bride and Groom and had their names inscribed with the phrase
“We Did It! 2004” on their ornament. They gave one to each of their parents as a thank you for all of the wedding planning and celebration.

The most traditional inscription for the Bride and Groom is “Our First Christmas” with the year. Also (Bride’s Name and Groom’s Name)’s First Christmas – David and Lisa’s First Christmas, 2005. Some of our dough ornaments have different color hair for the Brides – What a unique personalized Christmas ornament and one that will be treasured and enjoyed.

First Christmas Together and First Married Christmas are also another frequently used phrases for personalized wedding gifts.

Personalized Anniversary Christmas Ornaments
Here’s a way to celebrate each married Christmas. Have the number of years inserted into the greeting on the Christmas tree ornament along with their names.

For instance: Our 5th Christmas Together. Our 25th Christmas, 2005.

These make a lovely personalized Anniversary gift as well – Our 30th Anniversary, 2005 can be inscribed along with personalizing the dough ornament with the couple’s names.

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Just Mauied!

Just Married fish under the sea personalized christmas Ornaments

Just Mauied Personalized Ornaments

Won’t this be a darling gift personalized for a couple who just got married in Hawaii! Maui that is. When it’s an ornament we’ll put names on their tummies and Just Mauied with the date inside the little heart. We make other ornaments for weddings, and we make ornaments for souvenirs of tropical vacations so this new design will be great for either occasion.