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Christmas Bridal Shower Ideas and Ornament Gifts

Bride (Brunette) and Groom Just Married Personalized Christmas Ornament

Do you remember the first Christmas after you were married? How many Christmas ornaments did you have? How big was your tree? Most couples start out their married life with the necessities they need – wedding gifts, some hand me downs, and fill-ins from local department stores and garage sales! But not all couples have Christmas ornaments to decorate their first tree together. And one of our most popular selling items is actually a personalized ornament with the words, “Our First Christmas as Mr. and Mrs.” inscribed with the year and the bride and groom’s names as well.

Celebrate Your Moment with Custom Ornaments

We think a great solution to this is a Christmas themed Bridal shower. This is a shower that would be most fun with both men and women as guests, friends of the couple to be married. It could be held in the evening and if during the winter, close to Christmas, Christmas punch could be served, fruitcakes, Christmas theme cookies, and the like. Each guest could bring a special Christmas ornament, and if it was convenient there could even be a tree to decorate as the bride and groom open their ornament gifts. Little hang tags could be attached to each ornament gift to write the gift giver’s name on it and the date. Every year those ornaments will be appreciated. At we believe a Christmas ornament is one of the best ways to commemorate the wonderful memory of the Bride and Groom’s pre-wedding festivities, or their Wedding Day. By having a special personalized ornament made just for them, they can look back and recapture their happy day! “Our First Christmas” personalized clay dough ornaments celebrate the beginning of their married life together, and the beginning off of their family’s personalized Christmas ornament collection. Our unique Christmas ornaments last a lifetime and what could be better than to incorporate happy wedding memories into Christmas each year? As mentioned before, personalized Christmas ornament makes a great shower gift. Many brides have also adapted our wedding Christmas ornaments into mementos for the wedding party and our wonderful Wedding Day, design your own ornament of a wedding cake, is a perfect gift for mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, because it has everything personalized on it – the bride and groom’s names, all of the attendants on both sides, the date of the wedding, the place, and a message. How wonderful is that! It’s a sweet way to say “remember our special day”. A personalized ornament also makes a great package tie.