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A Personalized Angel Christmas Ornament Gift

Angel Blonde Hair Personalized christmas ornaments

In writing this post I decided to do a little research on Angels, and where and when they first began to be a part of our modern day religious thought. Wow!

Custom Christmas Ornament Gift

There are a lot of opinions on this subject and most are quite interesting. There are even discussions of whether or not angels have or should have wings! Most of the articles I saw thought that the concept of Angels came from Judaism and then to Christianity. That our image of an Angel was heavily influenced by Renaissance painter’s interpretation, and that their function was as messengers from God. I don’t pretend to be an expert in this field and wouldn’t want to offend anyone with a different opinion.
Angels have become very popular symbols in our culture and we think of them as creatures, mostly female in appearance, who do wonderful works on this earth. We use the phrase, You’re An Angel! often to thank someone who does something nice for us. And there are so many many ways one can be an angel to another. We a personalized Christmas ornament is a nice way to thank someone for being that angel. For going the extra mile, cooking the needed dinner, driving to the doctor, picking up at school, rushing to fix the car or whatever way one generous human being can help another in need.
Angel Christmas ornaments are always popular and make lovely additions to your own ornament collection or wonderful gifts during the Holiday season. Our unique clay dough angel ornaments can be customized and personalized for family or friends. Some wonderful examples of how we have customized and personalized them include Daddy’s Little Angel for a daughter of any age. Thank you for being an Angel for someone who has gone that extra mile for you this last year. You’re my Special Angel for a girlfriend or wife. Grandma’s Angel for a granddaughter. Our Angel for a daughter. We also create Angel ornaments for In Memory of gifts. This is a way we encourage children and family members to remember someone in the family that has passed away, and as a way to have great discussions of Christmas past when Grandma made the pies, or Grandpa built the fire for Santa, and other special Christmas memories. We even have Angel ornaments for Baby’s First Christmas ornaments, so be sure to search through our website, to find just the perfect angel ornament for your gifts this year.