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Something Special for Baby’s First Christmas

A Baby's First Christmas Rocking Horse personalized ornaments

Though a Baby’s First Christmas Ornament isn’t the most expensive gift or the largest gift, it will certainly be one of the most treasured.

The Value of A Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

There is nothing as thoughtful as a hand crafted personalized baby Christmas ornament to commemorate your first Christmas with a new family member! Every year the personalized Baby’s First Christmas ornament will be taken out of storage and displayed on the family’s Christmas tree. As the child grows older he or she will look forward to finding their special clay dough Christmas ornament. The perfect spot on the tree will be found and that unique Christmas ornament will be hung with pride and joy as the holiday season continues. After Christmas, the special personalized baby ornament will be carefully wrapped and put away with the other family ornaments – ready for the next Christmas celebration. Not only does Baby’s First Christmas ornament mean a lot to the new parents it will also be a cherished part of holiday traditions and celebrations in the years to come. The most popular ornaments for First Christmas are the ones that can include Baby’s birth date, time of birth, weight, length, and the name of course. When you receive a birth announcement just save it until Christmas. Then you will have all the information at hand when you go to order a custom personalized ornament from We have teddy bears in pink and blue, rocking horses with teddy bears in pink, blue, and red, and darling stocking designs. The stockings have balloons, so there is plenty of room to put all of the information you’d like. Another really darling gift is our hand print kit with ornament. We purchase a commercially made handprint kit – so we are sure it is nontoxic and works perfectly. Then we collect the birth statistics from you and personalize that on to the ornament which acts as a hanging device for the hand print. This product can be used as a tree ornament. But it also does not have any Christmas colors or Christmas decorations on the design, so it can really be used all year long in the baby’s room, or as a gift for Grandma and Grandpa. Having the baby’s hand print for the first Christmas is amazing – just think how much fun the child will have as he or she compares his or her own hand to the infant hand print each Christmas. Be sure and look on our site for items 12610 and 12611 to see the hand print kits for boys and girls – and check out the video attached to the product image – it shows a new mother actually making this product and tells you the steps one by one. It’s really easy!