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The Best Personalized Ornaments to Celebrate 2021 Weddings

unique gifts personalized for 2021 weddings, engagements, and anniversaries

Celebrate 2021 Weddings with Unique Gifts Personalized by Calliope Designs

For many couples who had to postpone all of their wedding plans last year, the big day couldn’t come soon enough. Finding unique and romantic ways to celebrate engagements or anniversaries was also a challenge for many people in 2020. So that means every celebration of love this year is an extra-special occasion! If you are looking for a sentimental token of love for someone special, a personalized gift is sure to be one they will cherish for years to come. 

At Calliope Designs, we have a large selection of customizable ornaments to commemorate 2021 weddings, engagements, and anniversaries! All of our ornaments are beautifully handmade and can be personalized with meaningful phrases, special dates, and names.

Read on to discover some of our most popular personalized wedding ornaments and find the perfect gift to celebrate love this year!

Custom Wedding Ornaments for The Bride and Groom

Wedding celebrations are all about commemorating unconditional love. Our selection of personalized wedding ornaments are meaningful gift ideas for all lucky newlyweds this year. We have a large variety of bride and groom, bride and bride, and groom and groom designs that you can customize with names, the date, and even a special message. 

A custom wedding ornament is a unique gift for friends or family who recently tied the knot, or the perfect start to your new ornament collection as a married couple!

Personalized Wedding Anniversary Ornaments for Couples

At Calliope Designs, we want to help you celebrate your “Happily Ever After” for years to come with a sentimental memento personalized for your anniversary. Our customizable Wedding Anniversary ornaments make the perfect keepsake for newlyweds and couples who have been married for years! Commemorate your big day or the nuptials of close friends or family with a personalized gift shipped directly to their door.

Custom ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Proposal Ornaments

If you are looking for a truly unique way to pop the big question this year, check out our selection of customizable proposal ornaments from Calliope Designs! Our unique gifts are sure to surprise your special someone and will be the perfect souvenir of the day you proposed. Add a sweet message, your names, and the date to commemorate this exciting day for years to come.

Unique Engagement Announcement Ornaments

Our sentimental ornaments from Calliope Designs are unique gifts for the couple about to say “I Do!”. Our engagement ornaments can be personalized with the happy couple’s names and the year so they can commemorate this exciting time together year after year. All of our engagement designs can also make unique “Save the Date” announcements to give to guests!

Personalized Honeymoon Ornaments for Newlyweds

If you know a couple who loves to travel, chances are they already have everything they need for their honeymoon. For newlyweds that already have everything, our personalized honeymoon ornaments are the perfect gift to commemorate their first travel experience as a married couple!  

If you and your spouse had to postpone your travel plans last year, a personalized 2021 vacation ornament will be an extra special way to commemorate your trip this year — and well deserved!

Celebrate 2021 Weddings With Unique Gifts and Convenient Delivery from Calliope Designs

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At Calliope Designs, we have been celebrating love and matrimony with unique gifts for over 45 years and we want to help you celebrate all of life’s special occasions with personalized gifts. 

If you are looking for a sentimental gift for an engagement, anniversary, or wedding in 2021, explore our entire selection of unique personalized ornaments!

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5 Reasons Custom Ornaments Make Good Gifts Any Time of Year!

Calliope Design’s Ultimate Custom Ornament Year-Round Gift Guide

Calliope Design’s Ultimate Custom Ornament Year-Round Gift Guide

While Calliope Design’s ornaments do make the perfect stocking stuffers, we have hundreds of customizable designs that make great gifts at any time of the year!

This year-round gift guide is chock full of popular custom gift ideas for any special occasion. Read on to discover five of our most popular personalized ornaments that are great at any time of year!

1. Create a Custom Birthday Gift for Any Age

Another year older and another reason to celebrate! No one is ever too old to receive a custom birthday present! With hundreds of customizable hobby and career ornaments to choose from, our handmade ornaments can make a special birthday gift for anyone.

Personalized 21st Birthday Ornament 

For many young adults, turning 21 is a big event and one that definitely deserves a special gift! A handmade gift from Calliope Designs is a unique way to commemorate this milestone. Customize our 21st Birthday ornament with their name and their birthdate to make this gift even more personal. 

2. Celebrate an Anniversary with a Custom Gift

Every anniversary is an event that should be celebrated! At Calliope Designs, we want to help you celebrate your love, year after year, with a unique and personalized ornamental gift. Surprise your loved one with a personalized ornament commemorating the day you met, your first date, or your wedding day!

Custom Bride & Groom Ornament

Customize a Wedding Anniversary ornament to feature the two of you on your special day. Our artist will hand paint your name and year of marriage to personalize this unique gift for the happy bride and groom. Don’t forget to include a meaningful message of your choosing!

3. Commemorate Milestones with a Personalized Ornament

From first steps to college graduation, and even job promotions, Calliope Designs has a gift to help you celebrate all of life’s milestones. What better way to reflect on all of the truly meaningful moments in our lives than by celebrating them with a personalized gift? A personalized ornament from Calliope Designs is a great way to commemorate special occasions with your friends and family, near and far.

Personalized Drivers License Ornament  

Wasn’t it just yesterday they were taking their first steps? Finally getting a driver’s license is an iconic moment in any teenager’s life. Commemorate this huge milestone with our Personalized Drivers License ornament from Calliope Designs.

4. Send a Special “Thank You” with a Customized Ornament

There is no better time than now to show a little extra appreciation for the people that support and help us. If you are looking for a unique way to show your thanks, a handmade gift from Calliope Designs is a fun gesture of your gratitude!

Customized Gift for Your Mail Carrier 

If there is one person you can rely on, it is your mail carrier! But did you know they aren’t allowed to accept gifts over $20? No need to worry though! You can thank your trusty mail deliverer for their daily hard work with an affordable custom Mail Carrier ornament from Calliope Designs. Remind them how much you appreciate their service day after day with a handmade gift.

5. Turn a Fun Memory into a Custom Ornament

Quality time spent with the people that mean the most is always something worth celebrating. If you are looking for a unique way to commemorate a special trip or fun memory, Calliope Designs is here to help. Let the good times roll, and remember them for years to come with a custom ornament!

Personalized Beach Trip Ornament 

Calliope Designs has many options to help your friends and family commemorate a beach get-away. Turn your day of fun in the sun into a custom Beach Trip ornament from Calliope Designs!

Create Custom Gifts for Any Occasion with Calliope Designs

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Celebrating life’s everyday milestones and fun memories is what we do best at Calliope Designs. With over 1,300 customizable ornaments to choose from, we are confident you will find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Shop our custom gifts online year-round and see why we have been a long-lived family tradition for over 44 years!

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Turn Your Family’s Summer Trip into a Custom Ornament

summer themed ornaments

Celebrate All the Fun Your Family Had This Summer with These Custom Ornaments 

The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, which can only mean one thing – it’s summertime! Are you planning a big family camping trip after being cooped up all spring? Or maybe just a day at the beach for some fun in the sun? 

Finding opportunities to spend quality time with the people that mean the most to you has never been more important than right now. If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate your family’s summer plans, Calliope Designs is here to help. We want to help you remember the good times, and be able to relive them for years to come!

Remember all the fun you had with your family this summer with these custom ornaments from Calliope Designs!

1. Personalize an Ornament for Your Family Camping Trip

Nothing beats spending time in the great outdoors with your family! Screens are turned off, the tent is set-up, and the world is your playground! Summer camping trips are great for family bonding and building fun memories.

Whether you have an annual family camping trip, or it’s your first nature getaway, make this trip one you’ll never forget with a Calliope Designs ornament. Customize your camping ornaments with every member of the family, and the year of your trip.

2. Customize a Family Fishing Trip Ornament

Family fishing trips are great opportunities to learn more about nature, hone new skills, unwind, and create new memories. Spending a couple of days together outdoors is a great way for families to relax in a peaceful setting, while also enjoying some fresh air and sunshine. 

Celebrate your child’s first catch, or dad’s biggest one yet, with an ornament from Calliope Designs. One of our customizable fishing ornaments is guaranteed to commemorate all the fun you had on your weekend fishing trip with your family this season!

3. Personalize a Family Beach Trip Ornament

Soak up some sunshine, dig for buried treasure, and enjoy the beauty of the ocean with the ones you love most this summer. Planning a beach day is a budget-friendly way to break away from your everyday routine and spend fun time with your family in nature.  

Whatever your family’s favorite beach activity is this summer, commemorate it with one of our many customizable beach themed ornaments. Never forget to celebrate the simple things in life, like a fun day at the beach you enjoyed with your family!

4. Personalize a Family Road Trip Ornament

Pack up the RV and get ready to hit the road for a big family adventure this summer. Plan a road trip and take the fam to a place you’ve never been to, or visit distant friends or family! Explore a national park or go sightseeing in a new city, and create fun memories that you can look back on for years to come! 

Commemorate your family’s road trip with custom RV ornament from Calliope Designs. This cute handmade design is a fun way to reminisce about all the sites and fun times you shared on the open road.

Choose Calliope Designs Custom Ornaments to Celebrate Family Fun

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At Calliope Designs, we want to help you commemorate all the memories you create with your family this summer. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one and would like to customize a fun summer family ornament, head over to our online store to check out all our options! We are sure you will find the perfect handmade ornament that will help you commemorate your family’s summer together for years to come.

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6 Personalized Ornaments to Celebrate Your Family Vacation

personalized family vacation ornaments cover photo

Turn Your Family Vacation Into a Personalized Ornament This Year

Family vacations are about creating memories and sharing new experiences. There is nothing more important than spending quality time with the ones closest to you. A family that adventures together, grows together, and that deserves to be commemorated.

If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate a family vacation or a weekend getaway, Calliope Designs is here to help! Relive all your favorite family vacations with a personalized vacation ornament. Your entire family will share the joy of remembering all your fun trips for years to come.

Read on to see some of our most popular travel ornaments that you can personalize for your next family vacation!

1. Personalize a Family Cruise Ship Ornament

personalized family vacation ornament

Did your family go on a cruise recently? The entire family will be on board with the idea of personalizing one of our cruise ship ornaments! Feature up to five family members with this creative design. You can add the year of your trip and every family member’s name to create the perfect personalized gift.

2. Remember That Family Camping Trip For Years to Come

personalized family vacation ornament

If your family has an annual camping trip or if you just had your first outdoor adventure, one of our custom camping ornaments is perfect for you! We have designs ranging from one to five members of your family, all roasting marshmallows over the fire. This unique gift will make anyone a happy camper!

3. Customize a Family Road Trip Ornament

personalized family vacation ornament

Will you be packing-up the motorhome and hitting the open road for your next family trip? With so many stops on the list, and sights to see, a personalized  RV ornament is a perfect way to commemorate your next family road trip.

4. Commemorate Your Family’s Beach Vacation

personalized family vacation ornament

Make waves with one of our many tropical vacation themed ornaments! Did you go swimming with dolphins or go scuba diving with colorful fish this year? Calliope Designs has many options to help your family celebrate your beach get-away. Our personalizable surfer and boogie-boarding ornaments are shore to be cherished for years to come.

5. Airplane Ornaments Featuring the Whole Family

personalized family vacation ornament

Everyone remembers their first big flight because they are just plane awesome! Nothing is more exciting than looking out a plane window for the first time. Commemorate your family’s first big plane ride with one of Calliope Design’s personalized plane ornaments. You can feature two to five members of your family with this unique design.

6. Reel in a Winner With a Custom Fishing Trip Ornament

personalized family vacation ornament

Not every get-away needs to be extravagant. Remember to celebrate the little things, like weekend fishing trips with your loved ones. One of our customizable fishing ornaments is guaranteed to make a big splash! Feature one or two members of the family with this cute design and don’t forget to add the year!

Customize An Ornament for Your Next Family Vacation!

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At Calliope Designs, we love celebrating memories and all the fun times spent together. That’s why we want to help everyone commemorate their next trip as a family with a customized ornament. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, or would like to customize a family vacation ornament, head over to our selection of Vacation and Travel ornaments to check out all our options! We are sure you will find one that will help you commemorate your family vacation for years to come.

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Turn Your Summer Vacation into a Christmas Ornament

Make Summer Vacation Memories Last for Years to Come

Whether you like it or not, the holidays are coming quicker than you think! The kids are back in school, Halloween is right around the corner, and then we all know what happens next — the rush of decorating, groceries, and gift giving begins. The summer season will turn into a distant memory and we’ll be on to a new year in no time.

If you aren’t ready to let summer memories slip away just yet, now is the perfect time to get started on personalized summer vacation-themed Christmas ornaments for your holiday tree. Calliope designs is known for custom ornament designs that memorialize all of life’s precious memories. 

A fantastic summer vacation should be remembered in more ways than just photos on our phones. With a wide array of vacation Christmas ornaments with many personalized options, your family is guaranteed to be reminded of their trip together, every holiday season.

Cruise Christmas Ornaments Featuring the Whole Family

customized cruise christmas ornament

Calliope Designs is the master of themed holiday ornaments. Did you and your family take off on a cruise this summer? Our cruise Christmas ornament will be the perfect addition to your tree. It features your family members floating on a cruise ship at sea! 

Personalized your cruise Christmas ornament with two to five family members’ names and the year of your adventure. This is no generic themed ornament. Calliope Designs customizes every ornament to order with your information.

Tropical Christmas Ornaments 

customized scuba diver christmas ornament

Tropical summer vacations that involve scuba diving are memories one never forgets, and our Scuba Diver Christmas ornament is also unforgettable! These ornaments can be customized with the diver wearing colorful diving gear and hanging out with different colored fish. Your name and the year of your scuba diving experience will be applied to their fins.

Personalized Road Trip Christmas Ornaments

custom road trip christmas ornament

Loading up the RV and taking off on the open road is another fabulous summer vacation idea. Commemorate your 2019 road trip with a motor home Christmas ornament for your holiday tree decorations. This ornament is perfect for couples, as it features two people in the front seat of the RV. Names and vacation year can be personalized with your information.

Calliope Makes Custom Christmas Ornaments for Your Vacation Scenario!

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We love summer vacations here at Calliope — almost as much as we love Christmas! That is why we combine the two into memorable, personalized ornaments. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, or would like to customize a summer vacation ornament for your own tree, head over to our selection of Vacation and Travel ornaments and peruse the possibilities! We are sure you will find one that will help you remember your summer vacation for years to come.

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Christmas Ornaments as Souvenirs from Hawaii

Scuba Diver Female Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Hawaii! One of the most beautiful and tropical vacation spots in the world! It’s sunny and hot, and the prevailing clothing style is swimsuits and flip-flops. Outdoor activities – beaching, golf, tennis, scuba diving, sailing, wind sailing, and much more abound. Healthy dining, lots of fruit, fish, vegetables in beautiful restaurants by the sea. Would you ever think it was a place to sell Christmas ornaments? All year long? Convincing a gift shop buyer to actually purchase Christmas tree ornaments to be put out for sale in June, in the middle of a tourist mecca like Lahaina Hawaii for example, was a very very hard sell! We knew the ornaments would sell! We knew we could come up with adorable designs that would appeal to tourists and ornament collectors alike. And we were confident the stores would want more. But getting our foot in the door was quite a task!

Say Aloha to Custom Hawaiian Christmas Ornaments at Calliope

One of our best customers was with a store on Front Street in Lahaina Maui, Hawaii named David’s of Hawaii. Does anyone remember that store??? David Taylor was the owner, and a very unlikely person to purchase Christmas ornaments. He was a very talented gift shop owner and buyer of products for his successful store, but he just didn’t see the purpose of these little handmade Christmas ornaments. A friend of ours, Suzi, lived in Maui and worked for the store sewing the cutest Hawaiian “sun suits” and swim suits that were all the rage. They sold tee shirts and sweat shirts. The other things they sold in the store were little pipes for smoking illegal substances (I think you all know what I mean!). For some reason selling those items was not illegal in Maui. But the point is, it was really an unlikely spot to have a thriving Christmas ornament business.

Our friend Suzi had worked for us in California selling our ornaments at local crafts fairs, and she had seen how much everyone loved them and how fast they sold. She talked David into giving it a try, and because she already had great lettering skills, and experience selling the ornaments, she knew just what to do. She set up a big display inside a glass cabinet. The ornaments were made of “dough” then, and while they were coated with heavy coats of polyurethane for protection, Lahaina is a very very humid place. So the ornaments needed to be protected from the elements! She personalized a few examples and put them out, and customers started buying them like mad.

Lahaina is a big honeymoon spot, so the most popular styles were the ornaments that had to do with weddings. This store is where the term “Just Mauied” was invented, and it was on our ornaments! David’s of Hawaii became one of our biggest customers buying as many ornaments as the entire chain of Neiman Marcus stores – all 32 of them! We made special designs for his store – Santa on a Whale because whale watching is so popular in Maui. Santa under a Palm tree. Dolphin designs. Tropical bird designs. Santa sailing a sailboat, windsurfing, and scuba diving. It was really a fun venture. Luckily by this time, we had quite a few people helping us to make all of the ornaments they needed, and they often sent in orders each week.

David has retired now and has moved back to California. David’s of Hawaii no longer exists, but we still occasionally hear from a customer about their special Hawaiian souvenir that came from the little store in Lahaina, and from the company Calliope Designs.

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Christmas Ornaments as Souvenirs from National Parks

Hiker Boy Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Summer’s here and it seems like a strange time to be thinking about Personalized Christmas ornaments. There are a few people who DO enjoy doing their holiday shopping during these easy months – but most of us don’t give it a second thought. Since Calliope Designs has been selling Christmas tree ornaments since 1971 we’ve seen a lot of trends evolve and one of the most fun things has been the development of the Year Around Christmas store. Have you noticed them in just about every tourist location you’ve been to? It’s pretty amazing to think that our little business had a hand in this trend and became a very popular product in many many of these stores. Here’s our story!

Get Your National Park Ornaments at Calliope

One of our favorite chain or stores was a group called Hamilton Stores. They owned almost all of the gift shops in Yellowstone National Park and one summer they decided to try a few of our products. We had quite a few bear designs, and they asked us to add to that selection by creating ornaments with Moose and Elk as well. We did some really cute items. We had a moose family, bears climbing trees, camping ornaments, a stagecoach ornament and the like. We even had a fun design of Old Faithful spouting off with a little brown teddy bear at the top of the spray of the geyser! Each ornament was hand-lettered with Yellowstone National Park and the year. We were excited to get this order but became even more excited when after having the ornaments for sale in their stores for a month the buyer called back and placed a huge order for more items…. right away. At this point, our products were being sold alongside of the rubber Indian tomahawks, the wooden carved grizzly bears, and the various other mementos and gifts of the typical tourist souvenir shop. Little did we know this was the beginning of a trend that lasted 15 or more years.

One summer the buyers for Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and also a store in Jackson Hole Wyoming invited us to come to their stores during the busy tourist months and make personal appearances in their shops where we could meet the customers and also personalize their ornament purchases. Our children were the perfect age for this trip, and we had an amazing summer vacation ourselves. Well, they did! I was the one that got to work every day in the stores. But that was fun too, and we did end up spending two weeks in Yellowstone Park where the average tourist visit is 5 hours. It’s an amazing place, that’s for sure. We also loved Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole. Highly recommended for summer fun.

The word spread among the other concessionaires of the National Park gift shops and hotels, and soon we had orders from all over the United States. We were lucky to have a good ornament designer, Dorr Eddy, who created special products for Mt. Rainier in Washington, Grand Tetons in Wyoming, Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park CO, Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, Mt. Washington National Park in Maine. And the list goes on.

Ornaments became such a popular summer souvenir that Yellowstone National Park actually opened up a summer Christmas Store where only ornaments and other wonderful Christmas items were sold. It was a very popular gift location in the park and existed until it was decided that selling Christmas ornaments in our National Parks was not inclusive enough of all of the religions of our national population.

One of my favorite stories of those years was when I received a phone call from a customer who tracked us down from the sticker on the back of the ornament. She and her family had made summer vacations of going to National Parks year after year, and she had realized the souvenir ornament they selected in each park had been made by our company, Calliope Designs. She told us how much fun her kids had each Christmas getting out each souvenir ornament to hang on the tree. How they laughed and talked and remembered their past summer vacations as a family. But there was one park she had missed getting one, and she wondered if we had anything she could buy directly from us. It was for Grand Canyon, and yes, we had several styles for her selection. We felt glad we could fill in her collection.

We hope you find these short stories interesting. We’ve had our business since 1971 and many wonderful things have happened to us, things we could have never anticipated.