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Ornaments for an Engagement, a Wedding, or an Anniversary!

Bride (Brunette) and Groom Just Married Personalized Christmas Ornament

Personalized Ornaments for the Special Occasion

Personalized Engagement Christmas Tree Ornaments
We developed this idea when we noticed many engaged couples looking at our personalized wedding gift ornaments and discussing whether to buy one now or wait until after the wedding next year. We feel being Engaged is a special time, and why not start the Christmas tree ornament collection for their marriage by picking a personalized Engagement ornament.

All of the couple Christmas ornaments can be personalized for an engagement gift. The first names of the bride and groom-to-be can be inscribed. Some of the phrases to be included are:
Just Engaged!, Our Christmas Engaged! Engaged, 2005.

Christmas Tree Ornaments – Personalized Wedding Gifts
A personalized Bride and Groom ornament is a must for all newlyweds. It makes a great Christmas tree ornament gift, a cute shower gift, and a wonderful wedding gift package tie! Some brides are fortunate to have a “Christmas tree ornament shower” and start their first Christmas together with a big collection. A personalized dough ornament will be one of the most treasured.

One of the cutest phrases was suggested by a customer at Gump’s in San Francisco –
They chose a Bear Bride and Groom and had their names inscribed with the phrase
“We Did It! 2004” on their ornament. They gave one to each of their parents as a thank you for all of the wedding planning and celebration.

The most traditional inscription for the Bride and Groom is “Our First Christmas” with the year. Also (Bride’s Name and Groom’s Name)’s First Christmas – David and Lisa’s First Christmas, 2005. Some of our dough ornaments have different color hair for the Brides – What a unique personalized Christmas ornament and one that will be treasured and enjoyed.

First Christmas Together and First Married Christmas are also another frequently used phrases for personalized wedding gifts.

Personalized Anniversary Christmas Ornaments
Here’s a way to celebrate each married Christmas. Have the number of years inserted into the greeting on the Christmas tree ornament along with their names.

For instance: Our 5th Christmas Together. Our 25th Christmas, 2005.

These make a lovely personalized Anniversary gift as well – Our 30th Anniversary, 2005 can be inscribed along with personalizing the dough ornament with the couple’s names.