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Great Gifts Ideas for Grandparents

Gingerbread Couple by Tree Personalized Christmas Ornament

We know Grandparents are much-loved family members! And each is unique – some wanting to be Grandmother and Grandfather, Grandma and Grandpa, others Nonna and Poppa! Some still live in the home where they raised their family, and some have had the big garage sale, sold the home and downsized to something “more manageable”, or closer to their kids. The one thing we hear from our customers, time after time, is that when asked what they’d like for Christmas Grandparents often reply…. Oh, I don’t really need anything! I have everything! Or, I just don’t have room for anything!

Great Gift Ideas

Grandparents will love our ornament designs
We’d like to suggest that you use one of our darling personalized Christmas ornaments as a gift to the Grandparents in your life! It’s not an extravagant gift in terms of money, but it’s extravagant in terms of love and thoughtfulness. Take a look at our section of ornaments for Grandparents. We have it divided up by the number of grandchildren to make it easier for you to shop.

Create a personalized ornament each grandchild’s name
You can make an ornament with a cute phrase: “Proud Grandparents of” is one of the most popular. Then add the names of your children on the little gifts or angels or gingerbread kids. You can make it using just your own children’s names…. Or you can add the names of all of the grandchildren in your extended family – i.e. all the cousins!  Don’t worry that more grandchildren might come along the way in the future.  We’ll put the current year on the ornament and Grandparents will love showing the grandkids which ornament was for the year they were added to the family Christmas ornament.

Give a Christmas ornament when there’s a new addition to the family
When you’re expecting, give a special “We’re Grandparents Again in …..” ornament such as one of our cute Snow Couple expecting ornaments.   This is also a super fun way to tell Grandparents that you are pregnant again, and that a new grandchild is on the way for the next Christmas celebration.     And always be sure to add the year to each gift. We’re certain the Grandparents will enjoy looking at their collection each year as they get their box of ornaments out to decorate the tree.

More ways to use our personalized Christmas ornaments for Grandparents
If the Grandparents are no longer decorating a tree, start a Grandparents Wreath for them!
Purchase an artificial Christmas wreath and decorate it with a big red bow and some small red balls. Fill in the spaces with an ornament custom personalized for each grandchild. This would be a decoration for the home that could be used each holiday and could be added to as more grandchildren come along.

We also know that Grandparents enjoy being part of their grandchildren’s special occasions in life. We encourage newlyweds to give their parents and grandparents each an Our First Christmas ornament celebrating their wedding! Be sure and put the wedding date on it – no one will ever forget their anniversary! It’s also a nice way to say Thank You to parents and Grandparents who might have contributed to the wedding ceremony and party!  And when there’s a Baby’s First Christmas – buy the Baby Photo Frame ornament and put a picture of the newest grandchild. What a wonderful gift to the proud grandparents! We have ornaments for Engagements, Anniversaries, and even Graduation. So always remember to keep Grandma and Grandpa in mind at Christmas time.