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Ornaments for the New Baby or Child

Baby's 2nd Christmas Personalized Ornament

Ornaments for Any Occasion

Christmas Tree Ornaments – Personalized Baby Gifts!
The birth of a baby is one of the most joyous events in a family and is celebrated with baby showers and gifts galore! Lots of baby gifts are for the moment – the size 0-3 months clothing, baby rattles, books, and teething rings.

This is truly an opportunity to give a personalized baby gift that will become a treasured family heirloom. A personalized Christmas ornament, with the year and the new baby’s name will be specially cared for and hung on the tree every year.
Baby’s First Christmas is the most popular phrase for this occasion, and remember, always include the year.

Some of our ornaments have more room to personalize and inscribe than others. Your choice will depend on what you want to communicate. Use your common sense to judge if a name, phrase, or other information will fit in the space available to personalize the dough ornament.

Often times the baby’s weight and length will be included. That is often included on the birth announcement, which is also a good source for the proper spelling of the baby’s name.

Another way to create a personalized baby gift is to write “(Baby’s name)’s First Christmas – such as Adam’s First Christmas. This type of personalizing works for Second Christmas, Third Christmas, etc. Don’t forget to add the year on each personalized Christmas ornament.

We also offer Mom, Dad, and Baby. A cute phrase is “And Baby Makes Three! Add the child’s name along with Mom and Dad’s names or the family name with the year. Any of the dough ornaments or claydough ornaments with three characters can be inscribed this way.

The new baby isn’t the only one who might like a personalized ornament gift celebrating his/her birth! This is a perfect personalized gift for Grandparents. One ornament we have is a photo ornament, just the size of one of those tiny photos from the hospital… and we inscribe “Proud Grandparents of…(name)” on the frame, with the year. Don’t forget both sets of Grandparents!

Our First Grandchild, Grandma and Grandpa’s Sweetheart, Grandchildren are a Blessing are some other phrases that can be used. Or use a Baby’s First Christmas design and say Our Grandaughter (son)’s First Christmas.

Ornaments can be personalized in this way for Aunts, Uncles, and Godparents. A lovely personalized baby gift.

Personalized Expecting Christmas Ornaments for Parents- to- Be!
Our ornament couple is holding a Baby Names book, and Mom-to-Be has a T-shirt with
BABY on the tummy. This ornament and a Baby’s First Christmas ornament would be great personalized baby gifts.

Expecting your baby is an occasion to celebrate. Expecting! 2005 can be inscribed.
Or, “Great Expectations! 2005”.

Sisters, Brothers, Twins, Triplets Personalized Christmas Ornaments

These styles are perfect to add to your children’s collection of personalized Christmas ornaments. We’ve noticed a lot of parents begin buying a dough ornament when their children are born and create a collection of personalized ornaments for their children’s first 21 years to be given to them when they have their own home.

Sisters Are Special
Friends Forever
Best Friends Always
My Sister, My Friend
Brothers Are the Best

Twin’s First Christmas
Triplet’s First Christmas
Double Joy
Triple Joy

Personalized Sports Christmas Tree Ornaments
Children of all ages love our personalized sports ornaments.  Always include the child’s name and the year.  These ornaments make a great gift for the coach, or even for all the team members.  If there’s room it’s fun to put the team name on the ornament as well.

There are field sports, water sports, and snow sports.