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Storing your Personalized Ornaments: General Info

camping family of four personalized christmas ornament

Storing Your Ornaments 
Beautiful Christmas ornaments are often fragile so it’s important to develop a nice way to store them and keep them safe from breakage, weather conditions (humidity, heat, dampness, etc.) and little-unwanted creatures (bugs and mice)!

Calliope Designs offers two types of personalized ornaments. Our traditional “dough” ornaments and our new clay dough ornaments.
Our traditional dough personalized ornaments are made of a mixture of flour, salt, water, and colors, and are baked in an oven until hard, then glazed with a clear shiny coating to protect them for years. No matter how thick the coating, dough ornaments need to be stored in an airtight container to protect them from any moisture deterioration. We recommend they be stored in a Tupperware type container or a zip lock freezer bag for ultimate protection. Using this practice we continue to use the ornaments we made when we first started Calliope Designs in 1971!

Our new clay dough ornaments are made of a polymer clay – and it is not subject to any moisture or weather conditions, bugs, or mice. They are also extremely durable. So there are no specific storage requirements for their preservation.