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Ornaments for House and Home!

Personalized House personalized christmas ornaments

Ornaments for the House

Personalized Home Christmas Tree Ornaments
One of the most frequently used phrases for a personalized Christmas ornament is “From Our House to Yours”. We have quite a few “house” dough ornaments. What a great gift for a neighbor or friend. Often there is room to personalize with names such as “From the Smiths to the Browns” on another part of the ornament. One of the house Christmas ornaments has little reindeer in the windows and you can choose the number of reindeer by the size of the family.

Other phrases we use are:

Good Neighbors are a Blessing.
Home for the Holidays.
Merry (state or city) Christmas – Merry Texas Christmas.

A personalized Christmas ornament for the family in a new home:

Our First Home
First Christmas in Our New Home
Christmas in Our First Home
Happy Holidays in Our New Home

One of our customers is a successful and thoughtful Real Estate Agent. She purchases a new home ornament for each of her clients who have purchased a new home from her, and continues to send one out in following years! She keeps a careful list of the family’s name and spellings of the children’s names so she can create a unique Christmas tree decoration each year. What a lovely way to show your appreciation!

The Family Dog – Personalized Pet Christmas Ornaments!
Believe it or not, this is one of our most popular categories of personalized ornaments.
The dog bone is the favorite – every dog should have one!

Puppy’s First Christmas
My Favorite Pooch
Spoiled Rotten Dog Lives Here!