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Coming up with New Products each Spring

Skydiver: Female Personalized Christmas Ornament

Every Spring we have an opportunity to take a look at our fabulous selection of Christmas designs and do our inventory and talk about what our customers loved this last year! Then we plan a nice selection of new ornaments that will really compliment our current ones and have something fresh and new for everyone who has bought year after year.

New Products Arrival

Believe me, after 37 years in the Christmas ornament business it is a challenge each year to think of original ideas! And all of our ideas are ORIGINAL – and designed by Dorr Eddy, one of our owners and a talented product designer who does all the product development for Calliope Designs as well as working for other companies designing products in ceramics, glass, wood, and plastic.

When you see 37 years in business, you must realize, Dorr is an old school designer doing every single product by hand drawing and hand coloring each item. No computer generated designs here!

We start with a list of ideas based on ideas we’ve had all during the year. He works on tissues and drawing paper and may end up drawing and coloring the design several times before it’s in rough draft form. After the draft is completed we evaluate it for the subject, color, size, and theme. We check to make sure there are great places to personalize – room for everyone’s names and the year and a phrase. We make sure the colors are good on a Christmas tree! We discuss each drawing and how it can be made even cuter, then Dorr does a final rendering. After this is complete we apply any extra touches to the finished art – glitter, silver or gold paint, lettering.

When the artwork is complete it’s time to have the samples made up to make sure the ornament is perfect! Here are some images of new ideas we have for 2008: