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New Family Tree Ornament

Fireplace for family of two with two pets

Here’s a drawing of one of our new designs for 2008. It’s a Family Tree because you can personalize each little character on the tree with a family member’s name. You can see our last minute change – a bigger star on the top. We think the year, 2008 will look cute up there and our customers can put a family name or a phrase on the white base. We’re thinking of doing some similar products using a dog and a cat. We’ll see how the sample comes out. This will be a nice addition to our other Family ornaments.

New Ornament for the Family Tree

If you like this design, be sure to check out our new DIY personalized Christmas ornaments!  Not only can you put all the names you would ever want on an ornament, you can actually have them made absolutely to order, right here in Santa Rosa, CA.

Over the last 4 years we’ve developed an entire line of base products – The Christmas Tree, a House, a Fireplace mantle with stockings (1-5), and soon we’ll be adding a Christmas wreath.  These items are blank!  You get to design exactly what you would like on the background.  We have several dozen ” characters” to decorate your products – one special one for each person in your family, and a special one for your pet or pets.  Dogs and cats that is!  The cats come in standard cat colors – orange (our personal favorite!), black, white, and grey.  The dogs are more varied – and of course we can’t make every single breed out there, but we have quite a few generic styles, and some breed specific ones too.  We ask you to pick the one you think is most like your pet, or your friend’s pet.

We also have items for a wedding ornament which includes men and women with either brown or blue eyes, light and darker skin.  And we’ll be adding the characters seen in the drawing above.

Where else can you find something so absolutely adorable and so personal of a gift as something you have designed yourself.  And for under $20.  Let us know what you think.

And of course, if you have any wonderful ideas for an ornament design, be sure to let us know.  We love that creativity from our customers.