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Personalized Family Ornaments from Calliope Designs

Wreath for Family of Eight Personalized Christmas Ornament

One of our favorite ornament expressions has always been “The Heart of a Home is Love” which we think is the essence of family life.  And while there are other times of year when the family is called together to celebrate,  the Christmas holidays seem to be the strongest, when you really appreciate the family you have, the generations together, and enjoy the love you have for each other.  This feeling is one reason we have been pleased with our life’s occupation, the designing, making, and selling of personalized Christmas ornaments for the family.

Custom Design Family Ornaments

At the beginning of our years making personalized ornaments, we created designs that were perfect for individuals.  We had Santa doing lots of things, a teddy bear with a wreath, a stocking full of dolls, a bag of toys ornament.  We had a single snowman, a single penguin, a house, a fireplace, a Christmas tree, and an Angel.  The handcrafted ornaments were so new, and dough ornaments so novel, that people were excited to buy one ornament for each member of the family. Some of those designs are still on our product list but of course, now we make them of polymer clay instead of dough, and they look a little different.   Over the years our selection of new designs became more and more family ornament oriented, giving the opportunity to purchase one ornament that had everyone’s name on it plus a saying and the year.

Our Personalized Family Ornaments is a big grouping of products on the website  We have had the enjoyment of creating so many unique and original designs revolving around family life and the different number of members of the family.  Our ornament products cover families of all sizes from 1 to 17!  So there are plenty of opportunities to find many products to collect over the years that suit your family or that suit another family you exchange gifts with.

We have divided the Family Ornaments category up into different sections to make shopping easier for our customers and we really have something for families of all shapes and sizes.   We have Family ornaments by size such as Families of 2, Families of 3, Families of 4 and up and up!  We have Single Parent Families of 2, 3, 4 to be personalized and dated for each year.  We have Large Families or Groups personalized ornaments too, and these are often used as office gifts or club gifts when there are lots of people involved.  Of course, Grandparents Family ornaments also fit into this category, as do ornaments for Siblings.

One of our favorite choices of ornaments right now is Families of different sizes including their pets on the ornament.  We call these ornaments Design Your Own Family with Pets because you actually do Design it Yourself!  No two ornaments ever are the same, so your product is absolutely 100% unique and the only one in the world! For this special category, we have 19 different dog breeds and 5 different cat types to select from to make the personalized family ornament just like your family or your friend’s family. This family with pets category comes with the background of Christmas tree, a white house, fireplace with stockings, a wreath, and now a cute little red engine.  Each little pet can be personalized with the dog’s or cat’s name, making it a perfect way to show your family at any given Christmas year.

Whichever category selection is right for you this year, when you choose a ornament we want you to know it was designed to look great with names and the special saying hand-lettered upon it.  We trust this ornament will elicit memories of Christmas together with your family for many years to come.  Ornaments can be selected to celebrate special family occasions such as the addition of a new family member when someone gets married!  When someone is pregnant, an expecting a baby personalized ornaments is perfect!  Another style will welcome a new baby to the family.  This is why it’s so important to put the year on every personalized ornament you select, especially in the larger families.  Children are particular about their position in the family and will always search for the ornament where there name was added upon their birth!

Christmas ornaments for the family can mark the moving to a new home with one of our special New Home and Family ornaments.  We encourage customers to add the city or new address of each home ornament they purchase.  And as life goes on for the family, there will be family ornaments that mark the departure of a family member with an In Memory Of ornament.  All members of the family will agree that this is a wonderful way to keep a sweet and happy memory of Christmas in the past with the family member who has passed away. Customers have written to us telling us how much they enjoy talking about the missing family members at Christmas, especially with the young children that are new to the family.

The family selection comes in many different styles of ornaments.  We offer several different styles of adorable bear families of 1-4 children.  Penguin families that have 1-6 little baby penguins that are oh so cute!  Snowman families again up to seven children are our most popular,  probably because they show up so brightly on the dark green Christmas tree. We’ve recently added a Gingerbread family series, and then of course, our families with dogs and cats.  There is truly something for everyone and we encourage you to visit our selection to see if there is something that suits your fancy for this Christmas season.

If you are looking for a gift for the office and a large group of people, we have put these ornaments in the category called Large Families or Groups, and these ornaments are quite nice for a secret Santa gift at work, or for a retirement gift.

Our talented staff of artists will do a beautiful job personalizing your ornaments to order for your family celebration, for free of course.  Add to your collection of Calliope Designs ornaments each year and enjoy decorating your Christmas tree with the family and reminiscing about the Christmas holidays of the past and dream about the celebrations in the future.