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A Small Gift for Someone Who has Helped You

teacher woman blue dress personalized christmas ornament

When purchasing Calliope Designs ornaments most of us think of our own family. Our babies and children, our life’s special occasions, our grandparents, our pets. This is normal – we want to carry on a family tradition of getting a new ornament each year, perhaps for each child. We love choosing just the right special ornament to fit the year’s activities and celebrations.

Here are some ideas from our customers of different ways to use the Calliope Designs personalized ornaments as gifts to others. After all, they are reasonably priced and last a lifetime, and are custom made for each individual. What a nice way to say Thank You for improving the quality of my life!!

Ideas and Tips for Using Our Ornaments

Personalized Christmas ornaments make great gifts for:
– A child’s teacher, the school bus driver, the principal who all spend time with your children each day making school the best it can be!
– Your boss and his family to wish them happy holidays
– The mechanic who has so diligently kept your car in great shape!
– The orthodontist who has made your child’s teeth amazing
– The dentist or hygienist that took care of you and your husband’s cavities
– The nurse at your doctor’s office, so calming and patient while she takes your blood pressure
– Your postal carrier, always there rain or shine
– Your co-workers – friends you spend every day with, where a small gift would be super nice!
– Your banker who helped get that re-fi going when interest rates were low
– The babysitter or nanny who rarely complains about runny noses or tantrums
– Your gardener who makes the outside of your house look as beautiful as the inside
– The coaches that teach your kids to play soccer, baseball, football, tennis, etc.!
– The music teacher who so patiently helps your child appreciate their talent for piano lessons
– The housekeeper – what would you do without her (or him)?
– The neighbor kids who come to shovel the snow in the winter time
– The pet groomer who washes and trims your adorable dogs
– The Vet for all of the things they do to keep your pets happy and healthy
– Your minister and his family for his spiritual guidance and support
– Your new neighbor as a welcome to the neighborhood gift
– A hostess gift for that lovely Christmas dinner party
And many more!