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Large Family Ornaments all Made to Order

Family Tree of 15 Personalized Christmas Ornament

Thinking of something for a gift for a large group? Perhaps at work? or a large family gathering?

Gifting Ornaments to Your Large Family

Over the years of making and selling our ornaments, we’ve found a real need for a single product that can serve this need and three years ago we came up with the family tree concept. We make these to order, each and every one. The Christmas trees can come with up to 17 heads on them, and of course, each head can have a name printed carefully on the tiny hatband of the little person. One of our favorite gifts this year was from the coach of a girl’s softball team. He had 14 identical trees made up with 11 characters each on the tree. And each was given to a member of the softball team to celebrate a year well done, and this year to come!

This year we display the new family wreath. Right now it is covered with little heads, but our plans are to bring out some items with the pets added as well. Never want to forget those favorite furry friends! The wreath for the smaller families comes with a banner at the base, for a family greeting, the family name, or a holiday greeting. We suggest putting the year in the center of the wreath. It’s pretty dramatic when all personalized to order.

Another great gift idea was from a customer who purchased for her law firm Christmas party. Each wreath had the partners on the top and the law office staff all around. It really turned out nice. We put the name of the firm, and the year, in the center of the design. It’s something they’ll all enjoy for years to come.

We get some of our best ideas from our customers.