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DIY Fun Family with Pet Ornament

Wreath for Family of 3 with 2 Pets Personalized christmas Ornament

Design Your Own Family with Pet Ornaments!

The Design your Own ornament section has been so popular at that we decided to add some great new products this year. The great thing about these ornament is that you can create the ornament and select the exact number of family members in your family, or your friends or neighbors family, and then add their pets – either cats or dogs. We have a nice big selection of pets. This year we added a white cat to the cat selection and a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and Pitbull to the dog selection. The first new concept was the Home concept. The basic ornament is a white, two-story home with a red front door. The roof is pretty red and white candy cane, and the windows are bright yellow. Each window is the size to put either a person head or a pet head, and then each character can be personalized to order. If there’s a bottom window empty we add a little green Christmas tree to the design to make the ornament seem balanced in design. This new ornament has only been on our site for two weeks and we’ve already taken orders for many families!

When a person does a home design, some of the phrases that are popular are:
First Christmas in Our New Home
From Our House to Yours
Home for the Holidays
Home is Where the Heart Is
Our Family Home
Good Neighbors are a Blessing
God Bless Our Home
or sometimes, Our Family

Occasionally people enjoy entering the address across the base – especially when they’ve just moved.
We really love all of the little pets. The polymer clay is a great material for forming images, but it is pretty difficult to make exact replicas of different breeds of dogs in particular. And then there is the issue of the size of a dog. We chose to make all of our pet heads about the same size because they will look better on the ornaments when they are made up to order. And, some of our dogs can be used for several different breeds. For instance, the golden lab, a golden retriever, often look like other light brown dogs. Same with the black lab and the brown lab. the little white dogs too can be interchanged. We encourage customers to pick the dog that most closely represents the dog they want. When the name is inscribed on the bone, the dog instantly becomes just perfect!

We have one person who personalizes most of the items with pets. She loves dogs and has three Maltese herself. She encouraged us many years ago to do dog breeds, and when we did a series of Maltese dog ornaments and magnets, she took them to dog shows and sold some through her Maltese fan club. Kris does a great job on the Pet trees – she’s the person who has done the personalization on our website! We thank her for a job well done.