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DIY Fun Family Ornaments with Pets

Wreath for Family of 3 with 2 Pets Personalized christmas Ornament

Design Your Own Family Ornaments with Pet!

Our Design your Own ornament section has been so popular that we decided to add some great new products. Introducing Family Ornaments with Pets! We really love all of the family ornaments with pets that we’ve created over the years. And we know how important it is to include them in your family ornaments. The great thing about this particular ornament is that you can select your base, the exact number of family members in your family, or your friends or neighbors family, and then add pets – either cats or dogs! And because we know that no two cats or dogs are the same, we have a nice big selection of pets.

So first choose your base: either a little white house, a Christmas tree, or a holiday wreath. The house is a white, two-story home with a red front door. The roof is pretty red and white candy cane, and the windows are bright yellow. The Christmas tree is decorated with colorful ornaments. And the holiday wreath is topped with a pretty red and white candy cane striped bow.

Then choose your family members! Each family member can be customized with their name and Christmas hat.

And lastly, choose your pets! Pick the dog and/or cat that most closely represents your pet, and then personalize it with the perfect color. We can also inscribe your cat and/or dog’s name on a little fish or bone!

When a person does a home design, some of the phrases that are popular are:

  • First Christmas in Our New Home
  • From Our House to Yours
  • Home for the Holidays
  • Home is Where the Heart Is
  • Our Family Home
  • Good Neighbors are a Blessing
  • God Bless Our Home
  • Our Family
  • Occasionally people enjoy entering the address across the base – especially when they’ve just moved.

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