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A Little Red Engine Brings the Christmas Tree to All

Little Train Engine for Four Personalized Christmas Ornament

Our latest addition to the Family ornaments group at is the Little Red Engine carrying the Christmas tree.

Our Featured Little Red Engine Ornament

Santa can drive the engine as a single ornament for a train lover, or for a child that loves trains. But the most fun ones are the little engines that have family members decorating the Christmas tree. This pattern holds up to five family member heads. Each one can be carefully and expertly personalized to match your own family, a neighbors family, or friends. There’s a nice area – the smoke of the train – that can hold the year or a special greeting for this holiday gift.

Designing your own ornament, choosing the characters, placing the names of family members on the ornament, all add together to make it a very special gift, one that you’ve created. Of course, we have articles in our blog that tell you how to make your own dough ornaments at home. And articles that promote other crafty projects. Of course in this busy hectic world, we don’t always have time to sit down and mix up all the dough in different colors and spend hours making them, then baking and glazing them. Oh – and there’s the clean up too. But if you do have time, be sure to give it a try. You’ll never regret the time spent. If you can’t, make your own ornament on our website, and take pride in it as, without you, it wouldn’t exist!