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Why kids love personalized gifts – Ornaments included!

Our Three Grandkids Personalized Ornament

Do you pay particular attention to text that includes your name? You do !!! Well so do children and so do gift buyers who love personalized baby and children’s gifts! – for good reasons!

At Christmas time children will love to receive a personalized Christmas ornament, especially one made at!  Obviously, we have ornaments for newborns to graduates, and every age in between!  You can be sure that each year when the ornament box comes out of storage to begin decorating the Christmas tree, your child will search for his or her very one personalized First Christmas ornament to be hung on the tree in a prominent place!  The search will resume for the Second Christmas ornament and any others that have been gifted over the years!  Sounds pretty fun to me!

Kids adore to see something with their name on it, then they can definitely say ‘ITS MINE!’ or “its Me”. These items become special keepsake gifts. In addition, if the personalized gift is of practical use to the child, then it will be used often by the child.  A personalized book, record, bib, blanket, or stuffed animal will be loved year around.

Not only do personalized toys/gifts help promote their growing self-identity, but it also helps children distinguish/individualize themselves from other members of the family, particularly if there is more than one child sharing a bedroom. This is particularly true with twins/triplets.

Not only do personalized gifts give them a separate identity they also give children a unique play activity if that personalized item is a toy. If your name is Tom, it gives you little joy to push a train named Jane around your room.

The gift giver can also benefit. Personalized toys/gifts do become treasured by the child and therefore take pride of place – often pride of public place. So uncles, aunties, godparent and grandparents buying personalized items get public brownie points which is a lot better than your expensive 1920′s genuine Teddy Roosevelt bear being shoved in the big bottom toy storage drawer for eternity.

So what are the sociological benefits of the various personalized gift categories

  • Enhancing Reading Skills: If my name is in the paper, I know I would want to know for certain what is being said about me . Same with a child regarding a book. So personalized books when the text is at the correct reading level are natural accelerators of reading skills.
  • Enhance Listening Skills Children love to hear their own names, also pattern learning is a great foundation for all education the child will subsequently get exposed. Encourage them early to learn songs – which after all are just aural patterns – thereby starting them on the way to rapid knowledge acquisition
  • Encourage worthwhile habits: Personalized cups/dishes & cutlery. We all want a reasonably certain set of activities from day to day. Personalized tableware reduces once off surprising tantrums “because today I hate all yellow things”. Granted you now need to have those exact pieces on hand for every meal but the guesswork of occasional tantrums are gone.
  • Increase gift-giver Feel Good Factor: Personalized teddy bears/baby clothes/books are great for Godparents, Grandparents and other relatives. You know that within 6 months these will be used twice daily for 6 years or more. However such regular use may result in a disintegrated piece at the end of that period. These cuddly companions usually stand 45 cm tall. What makes them personalized are the writing on each of the foot. These can be a date or a name.

You can help a child embrace their identity and celebrate their name by giving them personalized gifts. Personalized children’s gifts can be small or large, extravagant or very inexpensive. But regardless of the size or the cost, children feel extra special because that gift is uniquely theirs and was created entirely for them. Kids just love that! But then again, don’t we all?

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