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We Ship Personalized Ornaments to Your Loved Ones

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Our Customized Ornaments are Available for Delivery During Shelter in Place

Chances are you know someone who could use a little pick-me-up right now, and nothing says you care better than a special gift. But with so many nonessential businesses closing and social-distancing guidelines in place, what are your options?

Calliope Designs customizable ornaments are the perfect expression of kindness and support. With over eight hundred designs to choose from, we are confident there is an ornament you can personalize for everyone you are missing right now.

Send a Co-Worker a Customized Ornament

If your workplace is temporarily closed, or if you and your company are now working remotely from home, send your team a much-needed morale boost. At Calliope Designs, we have over one hundred customizable occupation gift ornaments available to choose from.

Our handcrafted ornaments are perfect as office birthday gifts, job anniversary gifts, or simply as an employee appreciation present!

Say Thank You to a Doctor or Nurse with a Customized Gift

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Some of the many everyday heroes right now are the people working in the medical field. If you have a doctor or nurse you want to send a special thank you gift to, a personalized Calliope Designs ornament could be a great heartwarming gift to do so.

Have a Personalized Gift Delivered to a Friend

Social distancing can be hard and take a different toll on everyone in different ways. If you have a good friend who is having a hard time right now, a personalized gift can be the perfect reminder that you are thinking of them. 

Even if you can’t be their shoulder to lean on right now, you can still be there in spirit by sending a custom gift to their home! Check out all our amazing designs and find the perfect ornament for your friend.

Customize an Ornament to Send to Your Family

While technology has made it easier to stay in touch, truly staying connected with every member of your family can be challenging when you can’t physically be there. Calliope Designs was established with celebrating families of all shapes and sizes as part of our mission.

We specialize in customizing any ornament to suit your unique family, no matter the size or composition. Send your family a personalized gift that will reinforce your endless bound, especially during times of uncertainty.

Have a Personalized Gift Delivered to Celebrate a Milestone

Now is the perfect time to celebrate life’s little milestones. Anyone living with kids can agree, just because normal life seems to be on hold, little ones definitely don’t have a pause button. Celebrate baby’s first steps, a toddler’s first lost tooth, or even a pregnancy announcement!

With over three hundred baby, child, and family designs available from Calliope Designs, we are sure there will be something perfect to celebrate the little one in your life.

Calliope Designs Ships Personalized Gifts Internationally

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It’s more important than ever to be there for one another and reinforce relationships and connections, no matter how far apart you are. If you are looking for a fun gift to send to someone you miss, consider Calliope Designs and our many customizable ornaments.

Not only will your lucky recipient get to enjoy a custom gift, but we will make sure to take the hassle of shipping off your hands! Take advantage of our special offer today and receive free shipping on your order when you spend $70 or more.

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