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Graduation Gifts for the Class of 2020 and Their Teachers

personalized graduation gifts

Send a 2020 Graduate or a Dedicated Teacher a Personalized Ornament from Calliope Designs

As if the last semester before graduation isn’t overwhelming enough, 2020 graduates are now all facing the reality that their current academic careers are coming to an abrupt end. And let’s not forget about all the hard-working teachers out there who are keeping them all on track during the current global pandemic! 

While most graduation ceremonies have been delayed or even canceled, there are still plenty of ways you can celebrate the graduating class and the teachers who helped get them there! Commemorate their big achievement this year by sending them a personalized gift today!

Here are our most popular customizable graduation ornaments for the graduating class of 2020 and all their amazing teachers.

Personalized Gifts for High School Graduates

Send a Little Support to Student with a Personalized Gift

personalized gift for a student

Staying focused on school and end-of-the-semester exams during times like this can be a struggle for anyone. A little encouragement can go a long way, and a personalized gift from Calliope Designs could be exactly what they need right now.

Unique Graduation Gifts For High School 2020 Grads

personalized high school graduation gift

A personalized High School graduation gift from Calliope Designs is the perfect reminder of all the amazing memories. If you know a high school senior about to graduate, send them a special gift to show them how proud you are of their hard work.

Celebrate Your School’s Sports Team Athletes With a Custom Ornament

personalized high school cheerleader gift

Send a thank you to the teams and cheerleaders that kept your school spirit and pride strong all year! Calliope Designs has a large selection of personalizable gifts for cheerleaders, football players, basketball stars, baseball team members, and many more

personalized high school team coach gift

Don’t forget about Coach! Send your team’s leader a custom gift and thank them for all their guidance and hard work!

Personalized Gifts for College Graduates

Handmade Graduation Ornaments For College Graduates

Personalized college graduation gift

The day has finally arrived but for so many 2020 College Graduates it’s probably nothing like that they expected. Show your support to a college grad in your life by sending them a customized gift and remind them of their bright future ahead.

Celebrate the Doctors and Nurses of Tomorrow with a Personalized Graduation Gift

personalized nursing school graduation gift

At Calliope Designs, we specialize in celebrating! Now more than ever we should be celebrating all the people entering into the medical field. Show your gratitude to a new nurse or doctor with a personalized ornament from our collection.

Make a Dental Grad Smile with a Personalized Gift

personalized dental school graduation gift

If someone you know is graduating from dental school in 2020, help bring a smile to their face with a cute personalized gift! Show your favorite DMD how proud you are and have a custom dental ornament from Calliope Designs delivered right to their door!

Personalized Gifts for Teachers

Thank a Teacher With a Custom Ornament from Calliope Designs

personalized teacher gift

Not all heroes wear capes! Instead, most of them are probably wearing a combination of professional tops and pajama pants while hosting a zoom class. Our children’s teachers have been busy creatively adjusting to a new daily routine that ensures our little learners keep learning.

personalized yoga teacher gift

If you know a hard-working teacher, send them a thank you gift, personalized by Calliope Designs. Don’t forget to thank your yoga instructor either! Where would we be without our virtual yoga classes?

Calliope Designs Can Personalize a Gift for Any Graduation Celebration

Personalized school gift

No matter how you celebrate, Calliope Designs wants to help you commemorate every graduate this year. If you know a little one taking the next big step into primary school, or someone about to start their career, we have the perfect graduation gift you can send them.

Have a Personalized Graduation Ornament Shipped From Calliope Designs

click here to personalize a gift from Calliope Designs today

A thoughtful graduation gift from Calliope Designs will make this year’s graduation one they will remember year after year, for all the right reasons. Celebrate every 2020 graduate and their teachers with a personalized Calliope ornament.

Check our inventory for all of the different options, appropriate for a variety of age ranges, and occupations. Find out why so many people have incorporated Calliope Designs personalized gifts into their celebrations, for over 44 years!

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