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DIY Ornaments for your Christmas Tree

I’m always on the lookout for fun projects to do with children at Christmas time. Of course, making your own ornaments to the tree is one of the best activities – the ornaments are original, cute, and then you can PERSONALIZE them with the child’s name and the year. As the years pass you’ll have the fun of getting these ornaments out and remembering the time making them as you hang them on the tree each year. Here are some novel ideas from Raquel Fagan who gathered ten DIY ideas. We’ve put links in the article to the author of each idea, and to the tutorial so you can get the best instructions. Thank you to all 10 creative individuals!!!

List from Raquel Fagan

Decorating the Christmas tree is a beloved tradition for many families. This year, try adding a new tradition to your holiday repertoire – making your own decorations. These 10 homemade ornaments are so fun and festive, you’d never guess they’re made from trash!

1. Eggshell baubles: Use empty egg shells to create bauble ornaments light enough to adorn even the smallest branches.

The next time you’re whipping up a morning omelet, don’t compost those egg shells. Turn them into enchanting baubles for your Christmas tree instead! Empty eggshell baubles are as elegant as store-bought ornaments but light enough to adorn even the smallest of branches.

Use a drill with a 1 or 2-millimeter bit to penetrate the eggshell, cook up the egg and decorate what’s left, like Lachlan.Rogers.Name blogger Lachlan Rogers. As he explains in his detailed tutorial, Rogers experimented with permanent marker, paint and even nail polish on the decorative eggs. But if you plan to compost your ornaments after the holidays, stick to non-toxic and water-based markers and paints instead.

2. Holiday card ornaments

Recycled holiday cards make perfect ornaments: sparkly and elegant yet impossible to break. With this quick and easy tutorialfrom Martha Stewart, you can turn all your holiday cards into eye-catching globes and circles that lock together to compliment your tree. All you’ll need is a hole punch, some scissors and some thread.

3. Sock owl ornament: Use those single socks to create a fun stuffed owl for your holiday tree. Just sew a loop onto the top or back of your owl for hanging.

Most of us have at least a few socks without mates laying around. Rather than tossing them in the trash, use them to create this fun sock owl craft
from Whimsy Loft blogger Grace. You’ll need to break out the sewing kit for this one, too. But the finished product is so cute, it’s worth the love and labor. Just sew a loop on the top or back of the owl to transform your craft into a spunky holiday ornament.

4. Upcycled tie wreath

If you’re in search of a truly unique decoration to spice up your tree or front door, look no further than this upcycled tie wreath from Good Housekeeping. Turn Dad’s old ties into an eclectic holiday wreath that’s bound to be the coolest on the block. This one requires a little sewing. So, it’s best for adults and older kids.

5. Plastic bottle stars Use the base of plastic water, juice or olive oil bottles to craft festive star ornaments that reflect the light from every direction.

Have a recycled holiday with wintry star decorations made from plastic bottles. With this simple tutorial from Esprit Cabane, you can turn the base of plastic water, juice or olive oil bottles into twinkling stars with just the snip of scissors. These pretty stars reflect light from every direction, making for perfect garland accents or hanging ornaments.

6. Nuts and bolts ornaments

Use spare bolts and washers to create a snowman, angel or Santa ornament for your holiday tree. Dreamed up by Inspired at Home blogger and contributor Heidi Borchers, these adorable hardware-inspired ornaments are so easy to make, even the youngest kids can lend a helping hand. Check out Borchers’ step-by-step tutorial, and don’t forget to wash your hardware first!

7. Scrabble tile ornament

If you have a few pieces missing from your Scrabble board game, don’t toss the whole thing! Use the remaining tiles to craft a clever ornament for your Christmas tree, like contributor Justin Meyers. Use your tiles to form festive words like “joy” and “peace,” or spell out the names of everyone in the family. As outlined in his tutorial, Meyers used a power drill to complete these ornaments. So, this one is best suited for older crafters.

8. Quilted CD ornament

After switching to a digital copy for music and movies, it can be tough to know what to do with those old CDs and DVDs. If you’re stumped for a reuse idea, try using them to create prim and pretty quilted ornaments like Tennessee crafter and Hellenismos blogger Helen. Don’t be too intimidated by the name. Helen’s “faux-quilting” technique is a little easier than the real thing. But this craft still may be a bit too involved for children and craft novices.
9. Illuminated photo memory ornament

Put your family photos on display for all to see with adorable memory ornaments made from plastic container lids. Submitted to by Kim Caple of Plymouth, Mass., this “aww-inspiring” craft is simple enough for beginners yet artistic enough for experts.

In her tutorial, Caple adorned a photo of her daughter at the beach with seashells for a decorative touch. But stretch your creative legs and add personalized embellishments for an ornament that’s truly your own. An added bonus – these ornaments are great for catching the light on your tree!

10. Recycled sweater wreath

If you’re stumped as to what to do with those heinous Christmas sweaters from Great Aunt Millie, you’re not the only one. But have no fear, Earth-lover! Help is on the way. Sweater Surgery blogger Stefanie Girard has dreamed up some pretty cool uses for the shrunken, hole-y and less-than-stylish sweaters in her closet. For the holidays, she used one of her old sweaters to create a one-of-a-kind wreath with a peppermint candy-style bow. Check out her step-by-step tutorial to whip up one of your own.