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35 Reasons Why a Christmas Ornament is a Great Gift

Marry Me: Male Blonde, Female Blonde Personalized christmas Ornament

Calliope Designs brings you the original “personalized Christmas ornament” and here are some reasons a Calliope Designs ornament makes such a wonderful Christmas gift!

Popular Calliope Designs:

It is handcrafted one at a time.
It is personalized to your order.
It is reasonably priced.
It is a thoughtful gift.
It can start a family holiday tradition of getting an ornament each year.
It celebrates an important event in a person or family’s life.
It is sentimental and sweet.
It is playful and happy.
It does not get used up like a bottle of wine!.
It lasts forever.
It is a memento of a certain Christmas.
If you get a personalized ornament when you are 16 years old, it is fun to use it when you are 40!
You don’t ever outgrow it.
It has zero calories.
It is whimsical.
It can start a child’s Christmas ornament collection of one ornament each year.
It is not fattening.
It can be a souvenir of a vacation when personalized with the vacation location.
It can keep a memory of your pets.
You can use one to ask the big question, Will You Marry Me?
You can use one to tell your parents you are Expecting a Baby!
You can design one with your pets on it.
You can have the year on it.
All of the personalization is Free and done by hand.
The personalized ornament makes a cute wedding shower gift.
It can be used as a package tie with names on it.
Children enjoy ornaments that show their special interests – such as soccer, or ballet.
Kids like to see their names on their personalized ornaments.
Something small but meaningful for Grandparents.
They don’t require special storage.
The ink is permanent.
Something for everyone on your Christmas list.
It’s easy to pack and light to mail.
Personalization adds value to your gift.
It will bring a smile to your face.