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Finding the Perfect Ornament for Each Person or Occasion

Personalized christmas fireplace ornament hanging on holiday tree.

Finding just the right gift at the holiday season is hard enough, but when you have a whole family to shop for and a large group of friends, you can quickly get overwhelmed. When we give our loved ones a present we want them to enjoy it, we want them to be excited and we want them to know that we thought about them when we bought the gift- that’s a lot of pressure! Not to worry- Christmas ornaments by Calliope Designs make a spectacular present for loved ones of all ages!

The Perfect Ornament

Every ornament is individual, handcrafted and beautifully detailed, and a fitting present for friends, neighbors and loved ones. For an added something special each ornament can be personalized, personalized Christmas ornaments let you send a message such as ‘I love you’, ‘Happy Birthday’ or can be marked with names and years to commemorate each Christmas. Don’t let gift buying nerves get the best of you! It’s fun to shop for our family and friends; there are just a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right ornament. Do you want your ornament to mark a special occasion such as a wedding or new baby? Is this gift personal to an individual? If so then maybe an ornament of something they enjoy or one that reflects their profession such as ‘CPA’, ‘Nurse’, ‘Fireman’, ‘Ballerina’ or ‘Soccer Player’ will be the one that you want. Or is this ornament a gift to a whole family? Our family ornaments reflect all shapes and sizes of family and with the ability to have each one personalized with names or nicknames, they make an ideal gift.

For Special Occasions:

A wedding Christmas ornament is a great gift for a couple starting a new life together. No need to worry about the season when the wedding is held, this is a gift that is meant to last a lifetime and it’s always in season. Calliope Designs has brides and grooms of all types each with a space on the ornament to personalize and customize the message. You can send the happy couple your ‘Best Wishes’ or put the date of their wedding for them to always remember their special day.

If you are celebrating a special anniversary what better way to remember than with a beautiful anniversary Christmas ornament that marks your years together? Calliope Designs has couples of all sorts so you can choose a design that reflects your family. If your anniversary falls near the holidays it makes the perfect seasonal gift, if not then it is a present that celebrates not only the anniversary itself but gives reason to celebrate again when you hang your anniversary ornament on the tree at Christmas. If someone close to you has recently married you can give a ‘First Christmas Together’ or a Bride and Groom ornament that celebrates the happy couple and marks their first holiday together.

New Home
A new home is an important moment in our lives- from our first tiny apartment to the dream retirement home, each place that we have along the way is special in its own right. Calliope Designs has several beautiful ornaments with a ‘New Home’ theme that will be perfect for the Christmas tree in their new home. Whether your friend is celebrating their first solo apartment or you know a family in their first new home an ornament for every kind is available. Each new home ornament can be customized with a message such as ‘Welcome Home!’, the family name and year or even each person’s name. Bought a new house this year? Give a gift to yourself and your family in honor of your new home!

New Baby
There is nothing like welcoming a new baby into the world! Whether the new one is joining your family or that of a friend a Christmas ornament to commemorate the occasion makes a lovely gift. You can make a gift of a Baby’s First Christmas ornament to the new family. There are ornaments for ‘Mommy’s First Christmas’, ‘Daddy’s First Christmas’ and ‘New Grandparents’ so everyone can get in on the fun of having a new baby to celebrate. There are families of every size and shape from which to chose your favorite ornament to personalize and share. We even have several ornaments for moms and dads that are still expecting their bundle of joy when Christmas comes. These ornaments make wonderful Christmas presents or can be given as baby shower gifts at any time of the year!

Choosing Based On Areas of Interest:

We all march to the beat of our own drummer finding things that we like to do and places that we like to go along the way. You can find Christmas ornaments here that feature all sorts of hobbies and interests. Hobbies are a big part of who we are and there are ornaments that reflect the interest of artists, musicians, dancers and more! You can give them a gift that shows you care about their interests and they can hang their ornament on the tree with pride. Just about every sport you can think of has an ornament, and lots of outdoor pursuits like camping, fishing, golf even SCUBA diving! Give the cheerleader or sports fan in your life something to cheer about! Have you been on a big trip this year? Perhaps you took a cruise or spent time at the beach; there are ornaments that will capture the memories of that special vacation for all time!

Another way to select a Christmas ornament is to find something relating to their career. Doctor, Painter, CPA, Mechanic, Nurse, Teacher and more- Calliope Designs has an occupational Christmas ornament that will bring a smile to their face. Need a gift for the boss? There are ornaments designed especially for the boss, great for the office gift exchange or as something special from a colleague. Has someone begun a new career? This Christmas is a great time to celebrate their accomplishments with an ornament made just for them!

The quest for the perfect present is over! Personalized ornaments make a great one-time gift or they can be part of a long tradition that grows with each year! There is no reason to limit your imagination when you buy Christmas ornaments for loved ones. We have a list of popular personalization phrases for all types of ornaments. Or you can create your own unique phrase to add a special touch. Be creative and have fun!