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Christmas In July!

airplane family of four personalized christmas ornament

As the temperatures soar and we enjoy the beach, ice cream, and outdoor picnics it seems a funny time to think about snow, Santa Claus and Christmas, but that is what Christmas in July is all about! There are five months until families and friends gather to celebrate the Christmas holidays but it is both fun and practical to make some Christmas shopping plans now. We all know that time for shopping is hard to find in December, but now in July it’s a breath of fresh air to think of Christmas present shopping. Finding the perfect gift for your friends and family can be a challenge, but personalized Christmas ornaments handmade of dough by Calliope Designs are just the right gift.

July is Not Far from Christmas Celebrations and Gifts!

An individual handmade Christmas ornament is something that you can be proud to give as a gift. The wide range of designs that we offer means that you can find something special for your loved ones. There are personalized sports ornaments for athletes like football, wrestling, baseball, fishing, tennis, and karate (and more!) and each can be personalized with a name, a year or a special message. Do you have a new baby in your life? We have special ornaments for ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ for that new bundle of joy! These ornaments last a lifetime and will bring a smile of joy to your loved one each year that they display these treasured gifts. These beautiful ornaments are crafted to capture the joy of Christmas for you and your loved ones!

When the family comes together at the holidays it is a time of celebration, catching up, remembering and having fun. You can commemorate each of these years with a special personalized family ornament that can be hung every year to remember that special gathering. We have snowmen, penguins, angels, gingerbread houses, teddy bears all to bring cheer and good wishes to your family. You can make a gift of an ornament that celebrates each branch of the family with the names of parents and children to be shared, or you can give individual ornaments to each person so that they can treasure that year. Have the grandkids found a new sport that they love? You can give them an ornament that features their new passion! Has someone graduated? Gotten engaged? Celebrating a special anniversary? These are all moments that Calliope Designs celebrates with its Christmas ornaments.

Friends, Neighbors and More!
Christmas in July is the perfect time to think about what you need as the Holidays roll around once more. December is a hectic time for everyone and getting a bit of the planning and work out of the way now will give you more time for baking, wrapping and visiting! Many children enjoy giving their teachers and coaches a present at Christmas- let them take a look at our personalized Christmas ornaments for the teacher or student! You can order the perfect ornament for the baseball or tennis coach as well as their school teachers. Does your neighbor love to fish? Sail? Are they a doctor? Fireman? Teacher? There are ornaments that feature all of these and more- a fun way to celebrate the holidays and your friendship! We have a special ornament that features two houses standing side-by-side, decorated for the holidays- perfect for you and your next door neighbor to celebrate Christmas. Have you been best friends for years? We have ornaments that celebrate the special bond of friendship, a delightful gift that can be shared with your favorite person!

Hostess Gifts
Many of us will be attending Christmas parties and gatherings with friends, neighbors, and colleagues from work and it is customary to bring a token of your appreciation and Christmas sentiment to these parties. Charming personalized ornaments for homes and neighbors make a perfect size gift that can be enjoyed in any home- or even the office! You can choose one special holiday ornament or a variety of ornaments and perhaps have them personalized only with the year or a holiday greeting appropriate for neighbors, friends, and co-workers so that they can be given as gifts. You never know when someone might surprise you with a present, so it’s a great idea to have a few ‘extra’ presents hidden away so that you can return the favor.

Easy Online Shopping
Christmas shopping online means that you can browse the wide selection of ornaments and place an order with a few clicks of the mouse! There are pictures of each of the ornaments, all of which show you how they can also be personalized, meaning you can find just what you want. We have our ornaments organized by categories to help you search, but you can also use our ‘search’ window to find something specific. We also have a section with our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ so that you can find the answers to any question. If you still have questions you can email us! No mileage on your car, no packages to carry, no parking spaces to find- shopping at is a cinch!

Beat The Rush
Thinking about Christmas in July means that you beat the rush! You will have carefully planned, beautifully crafted, handmade ornaments stashed away and ready for you to give as gifts. If you finish your Christmas shopping early it means that you can double-check your lists, ensuring that no one is overlooked or forgotten in the Christmas rush. Ordering now means that you don’t have to worry about the most popular items being out of stock. And you don’t have to worry about squeezing in past the shipping deadline or delays in the mail as the 25th of December approaches! We can even gift wrap your ornaments for you- a time saver indeed! When everyone else is struggling to try and find just the right last minute gift you’ll have the best wrapped and ready to give to friends and family!