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Creating Custom Design for Gift, Ad Specialty or Premium Product


Premium, Advertising Specialty, and Custom Personalized Ornaments by Calliope Designs

Over the last 40 years Calliope Designs has had the opportunity to create custom designed Christmas tree ornaments as products to be used for gifts for businesses, colleges and universities, non profit organizations and special events.

Of course, one way of customizing an ornament is through the written inscription you order to be placed upon any of the designs you see currently shown on our website.
This works well for smaller orders because then it usually doesn’t make sense to go to the expense of creating a unique design. Also, using our currently available in stock products eliminates the need to plan ahead – you can choose a style and create a personalized ornament.

What are the requirements to have your own custom designed product created?

The minimum quantity required to have your own custom ornament created is 432 pieces.
The cost of each piece would depend upon it’s size and complexity, however in general the custom designed products are sold at our Wholesale prices.

How does the custom design process work?

We have our own in-house designer to create your product, but we would expect to have creative input from you, the customer. We would want to know about the organization we’re creating an ornament for, how it will be used (for sale or for a gift), and if there were any important design elements such as color, shape or subject matter. We would want to see any company logos or artwork that might be helpful to our creative process, and discuss with you, prior to beginning artwork what you had in mind.

Once a concept is decided upon, our designer will create a drawing of a custom Christmas tree ornament which is submitted for your approval prior to placing an or for a sample.

What is the cost of the design process?

The cost of having artwork and sample created is $125.00 paid in advance of the process.
If the product is accepted and ordered for production and delivery, the $125.00 is deducted from the final cost of the delivered product.

What’s next?

After approval of the finished sample, production is ordered and your custom designed ornaments are made, shipped to our warehouse for a thorough quality check, then sent on to you to be used as you wish.  Hand inscribed name or greeting is included in the price of the product.

How long does this process take?

The absolute minimum time this process takes is 5 months. That means if you want to have a custom Christmas ornament gift ready at the beginning of December you must be ready to begin prior to July 1st.

Here are some of the examples of custom designed Christmas ornaments we have created over the years.

Gingerbread Man in Sleigh:Created for The Greenbrier Inn in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia for their 2006 Greenbrier Gingerbread Ball. Calliope Designs has created a special ornament for this event for over 15 years.

Clown in Airplane: Created for Southwest Airlines as Christmas tree decorations and gifts for the Ronald McDonald Houses of Texas. This has been an ongoing program by SWA for many many years.

Country Club and Snowman: Created for The Glenmoor Country Club, Canton, Ohio
as part of a Holiday event in 2006.

Santa BBQ’ing the Turkey: Created for Lake Martin Living Magazine in Alexander City, Alabama. This 2006 ornament was the seventeenth in an annual series the magazine presents to the community of Lake Martin. They are treasured collectibles in that area!

Sparky on a Gift: Created for Arizona State University President’s Club. This ornament is also part of a series of annual ornaments that have been collected for years.

If you would be interested in having a special ornament designed for your company or organization, please contact Stephanie Eddy at 1-707 527 7178 Monday-Friday PST