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Creating that Special Gift – Personalized Dough Ornaments

Snowparents wtih Adopted Child Personalized Christmas Ornament

Tips on Customizing Ornaments – The Calliope Way

Successful Personalization! Part I: The Names.
Before you begin shopping, think of the people you’d like to give a personalized Christmas ornament, and gather all their names and check the spellings. The ink is permanent, so of course you want to personalize your Christmas ornaments correctly the first time!

Some personalized ornaments are for one person, but others have multiple characters. It’s a great opportunity to make a gift for an entire family. If there’s any doubt about the children’s names, the unique spelling, the last baby, or even Grandma’s name, do your research! You’d be amazed at how many different ways there are to spell Megan,
Ashley, or Kristen. It’s good to check first.

If it’s a personalized baby gift the birth announcement is a good source of information.
The wedding invitation is good to use for personalized wedding gifts. And when you are thinking of personalized gifts for grandparents, if you are going to include all the grandchildren, a quick phone call might help in creating the perfect personalized Christmas ornaments.

If you’re not sure and can’t check, the last name or family name will suffice. Decide if you want to put the last name, for instance, Smith, or if you want The Smiths.

Successful Personalization! Part 2: The Year
We always suggest you put the year on your ornament. Lots of people collect Christmas tree ornaments and purposely get one or two dated ornaments each year to add to their collection.

Each year when the personalized ornaments are taken out and carefully hung on the Christmas tree it’s a time to remember activities, trips, special friends, neighbors, that have helped create this treasured collection of personalized Christmas ornaments.

We are happy to have many happy customers over the 33 years of selling personalized dough ornaments. We often have young couples who received our ornaments as a gift as a baby and during their childhood. They are now beginning their personalized Christmas ornament collection for their own family. Or order them to celebrate a wedding or the birth of a baby with a personalized wedding gift, or personalized baby gift so their friends can begin their own ornament collection.

Successful Personalization! Part 3: Inscriptions
In addition to individual names, family names, and the year, we recommend you use some of these holiday inscriptions to make your personalized Christmas ornament even more special. Please don’t feel limited by our phrases. If you have another idea, be sure and place it in the field for inscription. Each dough ornament is unique. Please use your own common sense to decide if your phrase will fit in the space to personalize.

Suffering from “Phrase Block” Check out popular phrases in our article on personalization ideas.