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An adoption gift for an older child

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This article was written by R.J. Bowman, and it has some great ideas for adoption gifts for older children.  We understand that the first holiday season after an adoption can be an emotional time.  Newly adopted older children may have memories of other holidays with their birth family, or foster families, and wonder what it will be like in their newly adopted family.  Including your adopted child in your existing family traditions is an important way of making him or she feel accepted and loved – this year add their name to the annual personalized ornament you purchase for the family!  It will be forever treasured.

Great Gift Ideas for an Older Child

The following thoughts were written by R.J. Bowman, and it has some great ideas for adoption gifts for older children.

When a baby is adopted, he will never remember any family other than the people who chose to welcome him into their home. An older adopted child, however, has a past and a memory of another family. After losing one family, he may be nervous about his place in a new family and wonder if he will be left behind yet again. Giving an adopted child a special gift can speak volumes about your commitment to keeping him or her forever.

1.    Engraved Gifts

  • Mark the beginning of your adopted child’s new life with a gift of jewelry that will make her feel like she is truly part of this family.  Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and watches can all be engraved with the date of the adoption and your child’s new name, and the gift will be a visual representation of the change that has occurred. Remember, though, that your child is old enough to have opinions about the jewelry she likes or does not like; make sure to choose something she will be happy wearing.

If your adopted child is not into jewelry, there are many other items that can be engraved, including Christmas tree ornaments, money clips, photo albums, and even iPods and other MP3 players.

2.   Family Tree Scrapbook

  • Welcome the adopted child into the family with a family tree scrapbook. An older child who comes into the family may feel that he’s expected to know instantly all of the aunts, uncles, and cousins in the extended family. Put together a page about each member of the family to help the newest member learn about each person. Include basic information such as the relative’s name, birthday, spouse, children and parents–and how he or she is related to your child. Include fun information as well, such as the family member’s favorite food or pet’s name. If possible, have each family member add a brief message to your adopted child. This will help him know that he is truly wanted, not just by his new parents, but by the entire family.
  • 3.  A Memorable Day
  • Memories make great gifts. An older adopted child probably has a lot of bad memories in her past, so help her start off her new life with good memories. Plan a special day to celebrate the adoption and show your child that she is wanted, loved and accepted into her new family. The memorable day can be anything your child likes to do. Spend the day at the beach or the zoo, or at a water park or amusement park. Make the day even more special by renting a limo to take the entire family to the chosen location. End the evening with dinner out at a restaurant serving your child’s favorite food.