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Ornaments for Families of all Sizes and Shapes

Personalized Penguin Family (6) personalized christmas Ornaments

Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Families of all Sizes and Shapes

We at Calliope Designs know from experience that the modern family comes in all sizes and has many different compositions. Whether the family is Mom and Dad and children, or Mom, Dad, Grandma and children, step parents, step children, single-parent families, extended families, or alternative families, we’re proud to say we can find just the perfect ornament to suit your situation.

You’ll find a large collection of family ornaments, carefully organized by size, in our Families category. Just click on the word Families and a list will show you the different sizes we offer. The same is true under the Grandparents category. You won’t have to search through page after page of choices to find the product that is just right to make a personalized gift for your family or friends.

Extended Family Ornaments

Always keep in mind that our ornaments can be personalized for all types of relationships. We may not have a sample of each idea you have, but you can adapt our styles and our phrase to suit your needs! For instance, you can have ornaments done for Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, and Godparents.

New Single Parent Families

Be sure to take a look at the styles we’ve selected and personalized for the Single Parent Family. Because of the characters we use – the Penguins, Snowmen, Teddy Bears, our Single Parents can usually be either a Mom or a Dad. Create a darling gift for a family you know! They’ll love it!

New Adoption Ornaments

Whether you’re waiting for the baby to arrive, or already have your darling new child, we have many cute “Adoption” phrases written on the Baby’s First Christmas styles we sell. And we have ornaments for different size families with adopted members. What a lovely gift for a family with a new baby that has been “Adopted with Love” this year.

New Partners Ornaments

Expanded in 2008 this category of ornaments has been designed especially for gay and lesbian partners and their families. Take a look at this category and see if there is a nice gift for someone in your group. Show your friends how much you truly care about them by acknowledging their relationship and family and giving them a personalized ornament for their collection together.

New Feliz Navidad Ornaments

Our business is located in California and we have a rapidly growing Spanish speaking population! And San Francisco is a very international city, with inhabitants from all over the world. This has given us the idea to offer a section in our website that shows our customers they can have a lovely Christmas ornament made with a phrase in Spanish, or any language they might choose. We’re excited about this new category and look forward to sending our personalized designs out to customers all over the world!