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Welcome New Neighbors with an Ornament

House for Family of Five Personalized Christmas Ornament

Good Neighbors Are a Blessing! is the favorite term our customers like to put on a personalized Welcome to the Neighborhood Christmas ornament gift.  We all know that when someone moves into the neighborhood the first couple of months is a blur of boxes, unpacking, furniture delivery, home decoration, painting, even gardening to get the yard in shape.  It’s often difficult for new neighbors to make the first moves to meet others living in homes around them.  That’s why it’s a tradition to take a few first steps to introduce yourself and welcome them.

Say Hello to Your New Neighbors with an Ornament Gift

Some ideas to let them know this new neighborhood is a friendly place, and that you are looking forward to becoming acquainted.

– Leave a welcome card in their mailbox with a little note saying hello and including your name and phone number.  You might mention it if you have children, and what their ages are.  You might offer info re the best pizza place in the area, a good daycare facility, or that you like to walk for exercise every day and maybe they would enjoy joining sometime.

– Knock on the door and introduce yourself!  If you feel comfortable, and don’t think they’ll mind, just say hi and where you live and welcome!

– Have a little casual BBQ if it’s nice weather, and include another neighbor family.

– Invite them to a community event you might be involved in.

– Of course bring a platter of cookies, or a casserole if you have time and the inclination.  A plate of sandwiches would be nice too. Food is always welcome when a family is unpacking.  Keep it healthy and simple.

– Offer to give a hand, or explain the recycling procedures in the neighborhood.  Depending on where you live, this can sometimes be complicated.

– Tell new neighbors about a Neighborhood Watch program!  Give them a few phone numbers.  Everyone always appreciates greater security in their area.

– Organize a block party so everyone can meet each other.  This will get all the kids together too, and they usually make friends fast and want to follow up with play dates later.  At least the new family will get to see everyone and can smile when they see a familiar face at the grocery store.

If the neighbors move in close to the holiday season, you know it is going to a little bit of a harder Christmas celebration for them.  A new home, away from old friends and perhaps family, and not finished unpacking all make for a stressful holiday season.

– Invite your new neighbors to go Christmas tree shopping.  It’s likely that you know the best lot to go to, or the best woods if you are going to cut your own tree.  They would surely appreciate this offer.

– Make your own, or purchase a personalized new home ornament for them, one that has their names on it, and maybe the address of the home.

-Invite them over to bake Christmas cookies one afternoon and include their children!  An unpacking mom will not be in the mood to make cookies in her new kitchen but would appreciate you bringing that Christmas fun to her children.

– Make sure there’s a Christmas card in their mailbox, welcoming them to the neighborhood and wishing them a Merry Christmas!

-Have a casual tree trimming party and invite a few neighbors over to meet the new family.

-Find a Christmas caroling event and be sure to include them.

There are so many nice things that we can all do to make our neighborhoods filled with friendly people.  And always remember, Good Neighbors, ARE a Blessing!