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Gifts for Triplets

Triplet Bears on a Swing Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Triple Joy! Triple-iffic! And Triplets are three times the Fun!  Those are expressions we put on our personalized Christmas ornament for triplets…. and they certainly look adorable.  Whether you choose penguins, snowmen, or bears, our triplet ornaments make wonderful gifts that the parents will love for their infant triplets, and the triplets will love as they grow older!

Here is an article on Gifts for Triplets published last July, 2011.  It has some great ideas and acknowledges the challenges of finding just the perfect gift for three bundles of joy!

Triplet Baby Gifts–Three Times The Fun!

Parenthood is a gift unto itself, but if someone you know is lucky enough to be gifted with triplets, the joy felt can be even greater than normal. To have not one, but three new bundles of love arrive is more than just a life-altering moment. It is a defining moment that everything is different and special.   And a moment as special as the arrival of blessed triplets deserves something as special as triplet baby gifts. But is there a way to find and purchase triplet baby gifts without breaking the bank?

Having triplets come into the world also presents unique opportunities for gift buyers. Three new children mean three new personalities, three new cute little bodies to clothe, three new mouths to feed.

Instead of purchasing three of every gift, the gift buyer can instead buy three different baby toys, allowing the children to have a wide variety of things to do. Rather than buying the same thing three times over, instead buy three triplet baby gifts that are as different as the personalities of the three new children they are meant for.

This allows the gift buyer the chance to put thought into presents for three special children who deserve all of the thought and attention that they can receive. Three times the babies mean three times the love, and well thought out triplet baby gifts can help convey that message to the happy family.

Triplet baby gifts can include cute baby clothes, and there are many options available when it comes to outfits for triplets.  Triplets are often born smaller than other babies, so it is important when shopping for clothes for triplets to find the right sizes for the children. Some effort such as choosing ‘preemie’ clothes beforehand can save the new, busy parents from needless work and worry after the birth.

Outfit styles are also worth consideration. Many people, when shopping for triplet baby gifts, often get the three children cute matching outfits. Seeing three brand new babies in matching clothes is a heartwarming and touching sight and a gift unto itself.

But not all clothes have to match, especially if the triplets are a mix of boys and girls. Not all clothes that are destined to be triplet baby gifts need to be the same, as giving different gifts to the different children will help the children feel special and unique.

You can also mix and match both clothes that are different and clothes that are the same.  For example, you could buy play clothes that are different and pajamas that match. There certainly is no rule that states that you have to choose to have everything match or everything be different. The triplets will grow up to be unique people, but will always have that bond with their siblings as well.T he choices when shopping for triplet baby gifts are almost endless, and as long as the gifts come with love, nothing can go wrong.