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Creating Displays for your Ornament Collection

Christmas ornaments are more than just decorations, they are ways that we remember holidays spent with friends and family. We remember the people who have joined us in celebrating- that year it snowed and snowed or the one when the turkey burned, or when we finally got that two-wheel bicycle – each a memory that is cherished by families. An ornament display is a great way to show off those ornaments and to share those precious memories. There are lots of ways to display your ornaments, one of our favorites are the ornament stands and trees that let us put our favorite ornaments in the spotlight!

Creating the Perfect Display for an Ornament Collection

Individual Stands
You can display your most precious Christmas ornament on an individual stand that highlight that one (or more!) favorite piece in your collection. These stands are usually 6 or 7 inches in height and made of twisted wire or wrought iron with a curving shape that allows the ornament to safely hang without tipping or swinging. These stands come in a variety of colors and materials and some even have circular mirrors in the base that reflect the ornament. You can place several individuals stands on a mantle or table giving each their own special place in your home. Circled with candles or Christmas lights these ornaments will make festive decorations or centerpieces that will be enjoyed all season.

Ornament Trees
There are lots of ways to display your favorite Christmas ornaments, but perhaps the most popular is the ornament tree. These ornament trees come in lots of styles, sizes and even shapes so you can find something that fits your home and personal style! The smallest ornament trees are about 13 inches in height and display around eight ornaments and the largest trees stand six feet high and hold up to 90 ornaments! So, depending on the size of your ornament collection and the room you have to display them there is a tree that will suit your needs! There are trees that are simple with elegant spirals that hold each ornament at a different height, there are artificial evergreen trees that give the Christmas tree feel, even distressed tin trees for the country feel. You might use several smaller trees placed in different locations throughout the house to display separate collections or just to spread the Christmas cheer from room to room.

Hooks and Hangers
You have chosen your personalized Christmas ornaments with care and you want to show them to their best advantage. As with so many things, it’s the details that count! Chuck those old J-shaped wire hangers and treat yourself (and your ornaments) to something more elegant! These days it isn’t hard to find fancy ornament hooks and hangers at reasonable prices. You can find beautiful spiraled hangers, ones with details like stars, angels or holly leaves, and many with beautiful beads that sparkle in the light. Ornament hooks can be made of 14K gold, sterling silver, silver-plated metal, brass, copper, or painted in dozens of festive colors- the sky is the limit in finding just the right hook. You can find hooks in different lengths as well allowing you to alter the height at which your ornaments are displayed on your tree, ribbon, or ornament tree. These classy, artistic hangers will set your ornaments apart from the rest.

If you get tired of sorting out those hooks year after year you can try something new- how about a beautiful ribbon? The selection of luxurious, fun and festive ribbons is endless. Choose from organza, velvet, silk, or satin ribbons to tie your ornaments. There are loads of holiday ribbons available with prints like candy-stripes, Santa Claus, snowflakes, angels, holly leaves- your imagination is the limit! With fine ribbons, you can tie your ornaments to hooks or tree boughs while with large ribbons you can make a bow that will be an additional ‘ornament’ for your tree.

Separating Themes
Over the years many of us have collected ornaments and we love to display them at the holiday season. Finding just the right way to display them so that they get the attention that they deserve is a challenge! With a few ornament trees and some planning, you can make a beautiful Christmas display. Take a look at your collection and take out your favorites, dividing them by themes that make sense. I have a few suggestions, but you can divide them any way that you want!

Children’s Tree
This tree can hold the best of your children’s ornaments – both homemade and purchased. Still, have that glittery popsicle stick star that they made in second grade? This is the spot for that! Do you have an ornament that you bought for Baby’s First Christmas or the ballerina ornament for when she loved to dance more than anything? You can bring all these memories together and make a Children’s Tree that will show the world those beautiful, priceless ornaments. When the grandkids come over you can show them the ornament that Mom or Dad made and the one that you bought for them when they were little, too!

Family Tree
This is the perfect place to display those ornaments that represent your family. Maybe you’ve bought a personalized family ornament for each year with the family name and year, or perhaps you have an ornament for each member of the family- from Grandma and Grandpa to the newest baby, everyone can have an ornament that shows their joyful place in the family. This tree can be as big or as small as your family, if it’s just three of you then a little ornament tree will do, if it’s brothers and sisters, cousins and more then you can get a big tree! When family visits they can find ‘their’ ornament and look for everyone else’s on the tree, which is a great opportunity to swap stories and tell tales of each family member through the years. Be sure to leave some room on the tree for new family members!

Favorites Tree
The “favorites” tree is always popular! This is the spot to show off a little bit about yourself and those you love! If you collect angels, snowmen or any other theme you can place each of them on the tree bringing together the collection to share with everyone. You can make the tree a little bit about each of the family letting family members place their favorite ornaments on this tree. Does he love race cars? Does she love to garden? There are ornaments for nearly every hobby and interest. Do you collect snowmen or angel ornaments? You can display your collection on one tree each shining in their own way. Hanging your favorite Christmas ornaments from Calliope Designs on the tree lets everyone see what you love!

Wedding Centerpiece
Looking for something a little different and special as a centerpiece for your wedding? An ornament display tree with Calliope Designs ornaments for decoration or as gifts for your guests make a charming centerpiece. There are wedding ornaments with couples, most with a banner or heart that can display the names of the couple and date of the wedding as a keepsake for everyone. There are ornament trees in a variety of designs, heights, and materials that would match your wedding decor. A white filigree tree with an array of snowman and snowgirl ornaments might be perfect for a winter wedding. We have dozens of Christmas ornaments that would be perfect for a December wedding. Perhaps displayed on an evergreen Christmas tree or on a silver ornament tree- a gift your guests will remember every year when they hang it on their own family tree.