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Christmas with a new baby, twins, triplets or multiples!

Triplets and Parents personalized christmas Ornament

How quickly we forget – the amount of time, energy, and love that goes into caring for a baby or toddler.  And just think what it must be like to have twins or triplets!  Or even more!

Celebrating Christmas with a New Addition to the Family

All gifts are appreciated of course.  And it’s super easy to go online or to the local baby store and find the most adorable clothing, toys, or baby supplies!  One gift that’s rarely mentioned is a gift of your time.  Here are some of my ideas as a gift for new parents!

– Ingredients for a slow cooker meal!  How about a canned ham, a package of split peas, a packet of the spices you use in split pea soup, and a recipe!  Everything’s right there to make a meal that might last a couple of nights!

– A visit to the family to greet the baby and pick up the car for a  trip to the local car wash!  Remember how certain things just never get done when the new baby arrives.  There’s nothing like a brand clean car to elevate your spirits when it’s time to go out!

– Several batches of frozen cookie dough.  Make it up at home.  Roll the dough into logs, and pre-freeze it for use later.  Don’t forget the recipe and baking instructions!

– An offer to come over and set up and decorate the Christmas tree!  Do they need one?  Well, a trip to the local Christmas tree lot or Christmas tree farm might not be on their agenda this year.  But they still want to have a festive holiday!  If the family already has an artificial one, offer to set it up and decorate it while they watch and help when they can.

–  Help with Christmas shopping!  Ask if there are any things you can find to fill stockings, pick up something at Toys R Us or Target, or something from the local bookstore.

–  Offer to bring festive gift wrap and help with wrapping and toy assembly!

–  Make a trip to UPS to mail those gifts to far away places.

–  Spend an afternoon addressing Christmas cards for the new parents.

Can you think of more?  Please contribute ways you think you could lend a hand with true Christmas spirit of giving!