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What are Polymer Clay Dough Ornaments?

Boy with Teddy Bear: Ethnic Personalized christmas Ornament

Calliope Designs has now developed a new line of “clay dough ornaments”. As with the traditional dough ornaments, these are all designed to be personalized Christmas ornaments and are created with many of the same popular characters.

Polymer Clay Dough Ornaments

Clay dough is a new material made of a polymer resin. The ornaments are formed using the same techniques and are designed by Dorr Eddy using many of the same techniques and tools as the dough ornaments. All of the clay dough ornaments shown on our website are clearly marked “clay dough” in their description, and while they are not created to replace the dough ornaments, they are a welcome addition to the selection.

If you think you’d like to try making some polymer clay ornaments at home with your family you can find this material at art stores and craft shops all over the US. Brand names are FIMO, Cernit, and Sculpy. The clay is sold in small packages of bright colors and there are usually instruction manuals available as well.

There are many polymer clay organizations to be found on the internet. Some give instructions, show videos, and offer lessons and supplies for sale. Just do a search for “polymer Clay” and you’ll be surprised how many sites there are!

This is a fun family activity. While we hope you’ll want to purchase some of our personalized ornaments, we know if you make them with your children you’ll always treasure the results!