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A Personalized Ornament?

What’s a personalized ornament? It’s usually a Christmas ornament, but can be for any other holiday depending on the design, and it has something written on it, or engraved on it, or printed on it – usually done to order.

We’ve been making personalized ornaments out of bread dough since 1971! And it’s the way we’ve made our living all that time. Of course, as our company grew and grew we had to hire helpers, move into a warehouse and a whole lot of other things that are a fun story.

The reason I’m starting this blog is to teach anyone interested how to make dough ornaments. It’s a fun project. Kids of all ages (3-83) love playing with the “dough” which is cheap and non toxic. And the ornaments themselves become treasured family heirlooms!

It’s also a fun classroom activity, and a fun fund raising activity.

I know it’s January 2007 – and Christmas seems a long time away. We can begin with a spring project – perhaps some Easter or Mother’s Day ornaments.

Before you get started you have to have the ingredients – Here’s your shopping list, and come back soon for your first lesson!

Ordinary inexpensive white flour
Ordinary inexpensive salt, fine grind
For coloring –
Wilton cake decorating colors (quite expensive)
Schilling food coloring (inexpensive but limited in color selection)
School quality tempra powdered paints.

The alternative to making batches of colored dough is to make the ornament in natural color, then come back and paint it after it is baked.

If you’d like to see the results of our years of work you can visit our website: