Touch Tablet: Male Personalized Ornament


He’s always had every new techie products when it first came out, and he’s worked hard to earn those treasures. From computer to cellphone to laptop. Now it’s the smart phones and touch tablets. And he never goes anywhere without his iPad. So why not make him a custom Christmas ornament gift of a young man holding a touch tablet, with his name and the year.

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With the advance of all of the cool computer like products we are all getting used to instant communications and connection, and that can be a good thing! We think this ornament of a young man holding his touch tablet makes a super cute gift for a guy who takes his iPad everywhere. Just think, in 20 years when he is decorating his family’s Christmas tree, he can hang it on the tree and say I remember when…. The personalized ornament, not like the iPad, will never be obsolete or out of style. And it will always make the recipient remember who gave it to him, and when. This ornament is almost the opposite of the touch tablet. It’s hand crafted. It’s hand painted. and it’s hand personalized to order. He will love having something that was made just for him this year. Made of resin this ornament comes with a nice gold colored cord for hanging.

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