Smart Phone: Male Personalized Ornament


He’s just upgraded his smart phone and added all the new apps he wants. Now he needs a special personalized Christmas ornament to remember this revolutionary new device. Along with the ornament gift you might consider some $$$ in his itunes account to purchase more smart phone stuff.

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This young man always has the latest in technology of course. Won’t he love this cute little ornament, so the opposite of high tech that it’s almost amusing. Everything about this ornament says hand made, hand painted, hand personalized to order. One thing though, your personalized ornament gift won’t go out of date and need to be replaced. It’s good to go for life! And sure to be enjoyed for many years, especially when sometime in the future, he hangs it on his tree and says, Remember when we first got these? How great they were? This boy with smart phone ornament is made of resin and painted by hand. Our calligraphers will put his name and the year on by hand too. And the ornament comes with a nice gold cord for hanging on the tree.

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