Smart Phone: Female, Blonde Personalized Ornament


Give her this Smart Phone ornament because you know she just has to have it! She’s completely attached to her phone, her texts, her games and everything else that comes with it and if you like you can add some $$$ into her Itune account to purchase some fun new apps.

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The smart phones are amazing and somewhat addictive, so they have their pros and cons. But most young people have them and love them, and wouldn’t be caught dead without one. So why not make up an adorable and somewhat comical personalized Christmas ornament to give to your young friend or daughter this Christmas. I’m sure she’ll get a kick out of it, and will keep it forever. Someday she’ll look at the ornament when she’s hanging it up on the tree and say, Remember when we had these? This personalized ornament is carefully handcrafted of poly resin by the artists of Ornament Central. It’s hand painted and comes with a gold cord for hanging on the tree.

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