Siblings Beside The Christmas Tree Personalized Ornament


Two brothers, two sisters, or a sister and brother! Create a special ornament that celebrates being a sibling! Whether they are 4 and 6 years old, or 40 and 42, they will always be Big Sis and Little Bro…. or however it is in your family.

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When I would take my father in law to visit his sister who lived about 75 miles away, they were always excited to see each other. She would greet him with Hi Big Brother! when he walked in the door, and there were always fun memories they shared. They were in their 90’s!!!! And both are gone now, but I remember that and know what a powerful relationship siblings can have. And yes, they did fight when they were kids. And they were jealous of each other, and all that normal stuff! An ornament is a sweet way to acknowledge the sibling relationship, and honor it, at Christmas

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