Our Family of 4 and 1 Pet Christmas Ornament


Mom and Dad and two children, with their favorite furry friend! Design your own Christmas ornament for your family or friends. Tell us the names of the family members. Then look through our large selection of whimsical dogs and cartoon like cats to find the one that most closely represents the pet you want. We’ll carefully make up the ornament then have our calligraphers personalize each little character – people and pets alike! Think of a saying to put on the base, or use one of ours in the drop down menu, and be sure to put the year. Voila! You’ve designed your own ornament to order!

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This family knows their pet is an important part of their every day… and certainly shares a space on the family personalized Christmas ornament. Choose one of our pets to fit with your family and make an ever so special ornament. These ornaments are made of polymer clay or claydough. Each item is individually made much like we made our dough ornaments back in 1971 when we started our family owned business. The polymer clay is very durable and lightweight.


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