Little Engine for Six Personaized Ornament


Your family, your grandkids, or your friends all will love this group of six on their special little train engine! A new design, we think it’s really cute. Lots of people collect train decorations , and it’s nice bright colors will really show up when hung on the tree. Tell us everyone’s names, we’ll do a great job personalizing.

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We love this new product with it’s cute little train face and smoke with the year on the top! Use it for a family of six ornament, or grandparents of four grandchildren. With six people on the little engine’s tree, it could also be for an office gift, or a club gift. Every year we add new family ornaments from couples to families of six and seven people, sometimes more. And now, since 2012, our new website will keep track of customer’s purchases so they can go back and see which ornaments were given last year. Choose one of our adorable Family of six styles and we’ll make it to order, carefully inscribing each name on the little hatbands with permanent black ink.

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