Gamer Girl Blonde Christmas Ornament


She loves her video games and will love this ornament with her name on it and the year! If there’s a special game you want to put on the ornament, be sure to let us know.

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Like it or not Video Games seem to be here to stay!  And they’re not just for little kids anymore!  If you have a girl that loves here Video Games and just can’t quite get enough…. give her a Christmas gift of a personalized Video Gamer ornament!  She’ll get a kick out of it, and will enjoy hanging it on the tree year after year.  We suspect some day in the future her children will see the ornament and ask “Mommy, What’s a Video Game?”  because there will be a new invention even more absorbing.  This ornament is made of resin and handpainted and there are no special storage requirements.

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