Fireplace for Family of Four with One Pet Christmas Ornament


Four stockings, four names, one pet! Does this fit your family? Create your own ornament design. We’ll make it up for you here in Santa Rosa, CA and will carefully personalize it to your order.When you choose a pet in the drop down menu a small image will appear showing you how your pet will look.

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Name on left stocking

Name on left-center stocking

Name on center-right stocking

Name on right stocking

Select A Pet * 

Name of Pet

Phrases * 

Custom Phrase


Enter a year or NONE.


A fireplace style that fits your family perfectly!  Four family members and one pet.  Create your own special ornament, or give this to friends.

Feel free to think of an appropriate phrase for the base of the ornament – Our Family is popular, so is Home for the Holidays!

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Dimensions 4.75 × 3.5 × 0.5 in
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