Family and Dog: 4 People Personalized Christmas Ornament


This family of four – Mom, Dad, and two children have added a dog to their family. What a better way to acknowledge that dog’s place in space than with a personalized Christmas ornament with his or her name included with the other family members.

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We love the family with pet ornaments and have quite a few to offer. They seem to be very popular and we know why. Pets, especially dogs and cats, but in this case a dog, are really members of the family. They take us to exercise. They give us routines that are important in life, like filling their food dish each morning and evening. They are there to lick our cheeks when we are sad. And they’re great fun to chase and play fetch with. So, how about a personalized Christmas ornament that includes a little dog specially inscribed with it’s name. Made of resin, this ornament is hand made and hand painted and will be enjoyed for years to come.

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