Driver’s License: Female Brunette Personalized Christmas Ornament


She’s got her License! And she’s ready to drive herself everywhere – which will be really nice because she’s an active girl! Give her this gift so she’ll remember the independence she felt that day. And the accomplishment!

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A personalized Christmas ornament is a great way to mark a special occasion!  Getting your Driver’s License is one of those special big events in life!  You really have to learn a lot – to drive a car, be in traffic, deal with traffic laws and safety issues.  You have to take responsibility!  And taking the big test, driving around town with a stranger in the car watching your every move, and then passing!  What a feeling!  This is the perfect year to give your daughter a gift of a personalized ornament featuring car keys, a license, and a big smile!  Made of resin this ornament is handpainted and has no special storage requirements.  She’ll enjoy it for years to come.

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