Holding Teddy Bear: Boy Blonde Hair Personalized Ornament


For a little blonde boy who loves his teddy bear, and a great good night story before bedtime. Mommy and Daddy will love this ornament as much as their little boy as they hang it on the tree each year.

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Personalized ornaments keep memories alive over the years, but there are some memories that never fade for parents, and one of those certainly is the bedtime routine. The beloved teddy bear, or another soft and snuggly stuffed animal, a special blankie, or pillow that makes going to sleep just a little bit easier. Then there is the assortment of very favorite goodnight stories. This ornament completely hits the warm and fuzzy spot of sentimental memories, and it will always be fun to hang it on the tree, even when he’s 18 and 6’2″! Made of resin and handpainted by our guest artists.

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