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New and Exclusive to Calliope Designs! A wonderful keepsake quality ornament personalized by our artists, and completed by you and your baby girl! Perfect gift for Grandparents! Be sure and watch the video at the bottom of this page to see how easy it is to make your own baby handprint ornament! THIS PERSONALIZED PRODUCT COMES WITH A HANDPRINT KIT!

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We’re excited to offer our new Baby Girl Handprint Personalized Christmas ornament!  You can choose to use it in different ways –  as a Baby Stats ornament suitable for hanging on a wall all year round, or as a Christmas ornament for your tree.  Or, if the baby is older, you may have it inscribed for Baby’s First Christmas.  Either way, you will be creating an ornament that will be so fun to see each year as your child’s hand grows bigger and bigger!

The Baby’s Stats ornament is personalized with her name inside the heart.  There’s room for all three names, first, middle, and family if you like.  In the center of the top ornament we inscribe the date of birth, and if known, the time of day.  We put the baby girl’s length on the body of the rocking horse, and the weight in pounds and ounces on the rocking horse’s runner.  It’s completely adorable.

If you prefer to make a Baby’s First Christmas ornament without the Baby Stats, we still put her name inside the heart, the phrase Baby’s First Christmas on the center, and the year on the body of the rocking horse.

This makes a fabulous Grandparent’s gift too!  You can change the inscription to Our Grandchild’s First Christmas!  or make a Baby Stats one for Grandma and Grandpa to hang on their wall or Christmas tree.

Be creative!  It’s fun!  The handprint kit is professionally produced.  It contains all of the tools and materials necessary to make the ornament.  The materials are nontoxic (and are tested to be sure!).  Instructions come inside the box.  They are clear and easy to follow.  We provide some extra hints for success because we made one ourselves for our new grandbaby!  And we love it!

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