Expecting Mother-to-Be Christmas Ornament


Create a personalized memento of the Christmas you were expecting a baby! Personalized this pregnant snow-woman with a cute phrase and a name. Be sure and include the year!

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Awaiting the birth of your baby is a wonderful time! Celebrate the season with a personalized Christmas ornament marking the pregnancy. A cute phrase might be “Great Expectations!”.  Here are some other suggestions from our customers:

Expecting When?…. 2010!

Expecting Again in 2010!

A Bun in the Oven for 2011!

A Blessing from Heaven in 2011!

Grandparents-To-Be in May, 2011

Due Date:  May, 2011

Expecting Someone Wonderful in 2011!

Almost a Mom!

Mommy To Be!

Miracle in Progress!

Have fun creating your own phrase to use on this ornament you’ll keep for yourself, or you’ll give as a gift to friends, or you’ll give as a gift to your parents to tell them you’re having a baby.

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