Wholesale Program Information

Buy our Christmas Ornaments at wholesale prices to sell in your Gift Shop, Kiosk, Arts and Crafts Fair or Boutique.

All of our polymer clay Christmas ornaments are available to be purchased at wholesale pricing if you are a qualified wholesale buyer. Our product is in stock, ready to ship out immediately. We’re sure you’ll find our wholesale pricing attractive and our customer service the best!



Fill out and submit the Wholesale Application form found in a link called WHOLESALE LOG IN at the bottom of our Home page. We will contact you by email to give you a password to see wholesale pricing.

Minimum Order: $200

Minimum Quantity: 6 pieces per style

Minimum Re-order: $100

Method of shipment: United Parcel Service from Santa Rosa, California, or Priority Mail whichever method is the best price

Personalization pen and tips included with first order: Free

Still interested? Please read below for more information about selling Calliope Designs ornaments.


Choose Calliope Designs Christmas Ornaments – They’re COLLECTIBLE!

Over the years our ornaments have been sold at Gump’s San Francisco, Fortunoff , Christmas on the Mall, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Marshall Fields, Dayton Hudson, and many more. They have been featured in year around Christmas stores, fine gift shops, and other seasonal outlets. Our ornaments have been used as fund raisers for non profits and schools. Individuals have purchased them to resell at crafts fairs and boutiques. And, in recent years the ornaments have become popular in kiosks and carts selling personalized ornaments in malls around the US and Canada.


Sell our uniquely designed personalized ornaments because it’s FUN!

When you see the crowds of customers around a personalized ornament display you know the product is popular! But when you sell Calliope Designs ornaments yourself you’ll truly enjoy the positive responses you get from the buyers. When they see our product with their name on it they’ll often pick additional ornaments for gifts – personalizing often turns a one ornament sale into a multi ornament sale. Soon you’ll realize that your customers are coming back year after year to add to their collection.


Sell the Calliope Designs brand because it’s PROFITABLE!

Our Wholesale prices are designed for a 3 to 4 time mark up to retail. Our philosophy is to have designs for all types of customers from Baby to Grandparents, from Engaged to Anniversary, pets, different professions, different sports. We even have souvenir items! Our ornaments are a good value for the gift shop owner, and a very reasonable price for the retail customer. Remember, when you personalize our ornaments, you add value to the product!


Become a “qualified buyer” for wholesale pricing

Any customer may become a Wholesale buyer if they have a retail business currently in existence, or a plan to open a business engaged in the selling of personalized Christmas ornaments. You must be able to purchase in quantity – our minimum wholesale order is $200, buying 6 each of any one style. Re-orders are $100, again 6 each of any one style.

We are located in the state of California, so if you are a retailer in California you must have a current California State Resale License provided by the State Board of Equalization.


Find out about beginning to sell Calliope Designs’ personalized ornaments

Please contact Stephanie Eddy at 707 527-7178 between the hours of 9 a.m.-5 p.m. PST. Or send an email to our customer service email address, [email protected]. Tell us about your business, and ask us any questions you might have about pricing, personalizing, delivery and payment. We will be happy to send you a wholesale catalog and price list with our current pricing.


Learn which Christmas ornament styles are the best

We’ll be happy to help you pick out the best styles to get started with your sales. We’ve been doing this since 1971, so we have a lot of experience with both wholesale and retail customers. Your success is our goal!


Learn which Christmas ornament styles are the best

When you place an order we will be happy to send you our “Personalization Materials” describing the process of writing on the ornaments with our special permanent ink pens. This materials give many tips, and even tells you how to correct an ornament if a mistake is made. We will include some “practice sheets” to use in training, some pages of lettering ideas, and also some of our most popular phrases to use on the ornaments when you are selling them.

We also include a free pen to get you started!



Some FAQs about your Wholesale Order:

How fast will the orders be shipped?

Our wholesale orders are packed and shipped within a few days of receiving the order by phone or email. If our customers are in a big hurry, we can usually ship within one day.


What are the terms of sale?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. When you place your order you will be asked for your credit card information. Your credit card will not be charged until the order is shipped. Shipping charges will be added to the invoice.


How are the ornaments shipped?

The wholesale orders are shipped using United Parcel Service or USPS Priority Mail whichever is less expensive. We are located in Northern California so delivery takes between 2 and 6 days for the continental United States. All shipping charges will be added to the invoice once the order has been shipped.


Do we sell to Canadian gift shops?

Yes, there are many gift shops and carts/kiosks that sell our Christmas ornaments in Canada.


What about returns?

All sales are final and the ornaments may not be returned at the end of the Christmas season. If any ornaments are received defective or damaged in shipment, please contact us either by phone or email and we will arrange to replace them, or to credit your account.